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Electronic Therapies

This page deals with instruments and other physical tools used used to treat cancer. My definition of a tool is any physical device that you can use by itself to effect an improvement in health without ingesting or injecting a substance that passes through the blood, nerve, glandular, or alimentary system. These devices are not necessarily safe to use, and if they malfunction, they may be able to injure you. In general, they are not accepted or approved by the medical community. However, some people claim they improve their cancer condition, so they are covered here. Consult your doctor for advice using them, and don't be surprised if he knows nothing about them. Many people believe electronic therapies ARE the medicine of the future. The human body is after all an electrochemical device, so it is little wonder that much good or harm can result from electronic therapies.


Body Frequency

The average frequency of the human body during the day time is between 62 and 68 cycles each second. If it drops below this rate the immune defence system will start to shut down. Cold symptoms appear at 58 cycles, flu at 57, candida at 55, glandular fever at 52, cancer at 42 cycles each second... Dr Young and Bruce Tainio. [Cheny University. WA. USA ]

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Experimental Health-Promoting Electronic Devices (Commercial page with articles), http://www.ioa.com/~dragonfly/index.html

Electroherbalism homepage http://www.mindspring.com/~turf



The Zapper is an electronic device that kills parasites, bacteria, and viruses with electrical energy, but does not harm human tissue. The Zapper is an electronic circuit that generates a 35 KiloHertz square wave signal that oscillates between 0 and +5 Volts DC. Any frequency between 20 KHz and 40 KHz will work.

Full instructions on how to make the zapper are given in Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Diseases. She proved it to kill ("zap") parasites, bacteria, and viruses of all types including those that cause cancer. The theory is that the signal destroys the organisms’ abilities to metabolize nutrients, and so they quickly die.

Treatment consists of holding an electrode in each hand while the device is oscillating for three 7-minute periods separated by 20-minute intervals of no zapping. The first period kills the parasites, the second the bacteria that escaped from the dead parasites, and the third the viruses that escaped from the dead bacteria. Do this at least three times a day till healed.

Since the zapper kills all kinds of bacteria, it is a good idea to take acidophilus daily to ensure good digestion and vitality. You should not be able to feel any energy emanating from the zapper at all because it is a 5 Volt device (less than two flashlight batteries). It costs about $20 to build your own, or $150 to buy one.

See our references page for an AUTO-ZAPPER.

Rife Machine

In 1934, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (yes, that was his real name) accomplished one of the greatest achievements in 20th century energy medicine. After years of research based on a light microscope of his own invention, he was able to see and destroy cancer-causing virus by irradiating it with electromagnetic energy.

The original Rife machine consisted of the microscope and ray tube in one huge unit comprised of over 5,000 parts. Modern units are small electronic signal generators. The Rife machine generates an alternating frequency from 1 Hz to about 10,000 Hz at a voltage than can be adjusted from 0 to 30VAC. This frequency kills disease-causing microbes but does not harm the human body. The modern approximations of the Rife Machine lets you hold electrodes or attach sticky electrodes to areas of your body that need to be zapped.

No "original" Rife Machine exists as far as I know. His plans and papers were destroyed in fires sometime during the process of drug companies or jealous competitors trying to drive Rife to suicide. Much material is on the internet and in books for the diligent seeker, but only approximations of his original devices exist.

His original consisted of a 5500-part heterodyning ultra-violet light microscope with an integrated ray tube that generated tunable frequencies. He could direct the energy onto the microbe as he watched its response in the microscope.

Dr Rife created a table of precise frequencies needed to destroy microbes of all kinds, including everything from parasites to viruses. It functions by vibrating the microbe at its own resonant frequency, causing it to implode. Dr Rife proved it worked on viruses by watching the viruses as they were killed. He had to develop a special ultraviolet light microscope in order to do it because viruses are not visible using normal light microscopes, and the dye required to see them with an electron microscope kills them.

Unlike Dr. Clark’s zapper, the Rife machine creates a definite sensation. The idea is to let it radiate energy through the sick area of your body at each selected frequency for a short period of time. Dr. Rife discovered that the microbes, in order to avoid destruction, mutate as they are being destroyed. The mutant forms are not affected by the same frequency as the original form. However, only a few frequencies needed to kill all mutant forms. You must use each such frequency for an effective treatment that kills the original and all mutant forms.

The end result is that daily use will kill the cancer viruses, as well as other harmful viruses.


Milbank Johnson, M.D conducted the first and only study of the Rife Frequency Generator as a potential cancer treatment. Dr Johnson coordinated the study in conjunction with the Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California. He treated 16 patients with various types of advanced cancers, all of whom had been declared "terminal" or "incurable". After 3 months of the Rife treatment, 14 of these "hopeless" cases were declared clinically cured and in good health by a staff of 5 M.D.s and by Alvin G Ford, M.D. group pathologist. "Dr Johnson died in 1944. The suspicion exists that he was silenced...However two federal inspectors did examine his hospital record in the late 1950's. They concluded it was likely that he was poisoned."--Barry


"A number of subsequent clinics in the years 1935-1938 accomplished similar cures....the AMA virtually stopped the Rife treatment in 1939, first by threatening the physicians using Rife's instrument, then by forcing Rife into court....During the period 1935 to early 1939, the leading laboratory for electronic or energy medicine in the USA, in New Jersy, was independently verifying Rife's discoveries...(this) laboratory was "mysteriously" burned to the ground.....Rife's treatment was ruthlessly suppressed by the AMA's Morris Fishbein."---Barry Lynes.

Rife links:

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Electroherbalism homepage http://www.mindspring.com/~turf/

Keely net http://keelynet.com/rife/bhrd.htm

Book: The Cancer Cure That Worked! by Barry Lynes ISBN 0-919951-30-9


Where to Get One

These devices are commercially available, but in a devious way so as not to invoke the wrath of the FDA. They are not FDA approved.

Joe DiStefano has a couple of these Rife machines that he will let cancer patients use in his Physicians Complete Wellness Center at 6519 126th Ave North, Largo, FL 33771, (813) 532-9720. You can get books on the Rife machine. Try Nature’s Food Patch.

You can buy a Rife machine from several sources. The cost from $750 to $3,000. A typical cost is about $1500. Wright Labs 2934 Upshur St. San Diego, CA, U.S.A. 92106, Telephone (619) 229-0679 or 800-577-8772. This company has been making the machines since about 1989. Also check out the Biotec 2000 at SRCE (Roger Whitman), 1415 Fulton Road B28, Santa Rosa, California 95403, Phone (707) 523-2489.



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Thermal Probe

This is a probe that you insert in the anus to raise the body temperature in that area to about 130 degrees F. It simulates a fever and thus stimulates production of white blood cells which attack infectious microbes. You can find out more about it in our References page.

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