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This page deals with treatment programs in which you can enroll to handle the heavy schedule of medication and other activities related to getting cured. Many people find it next to impossible to get on a regimen and stick with it. It is especially difficult when you feel terrible, are in pain, have no energy, and are demoralized. Here are links to various people's stories. We are grateful they wrote for us. Don't forget to check out the Doctors and Clinics page.

San Diego Clinic in San Diego, California-
by Jorge Vazquez, MD

In this article, the author is a director of the clinic and is very proud of its devotion to competent treatment of cancer. You will appreciate his comments.

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American Metabolic Institute (AMI) in Tijuana, Mexico-

by Dan Manning of Clearwater Florida

In this article, author Dan Manning describes how his hope and expectations were were disappointed by shoddy management under the leadership of AMI's Dr. Geronimo Rubio. In a period of just over 5 months, Dan made two trips to AMI, then died in his home of complications resulting from prostate cancer on 26 October 1998. I lost a magnificent friend, but we gained a well-documented assessment of the AMI program, complete with details of the treatments administered and attitudes toward patients. You should not be discouraged by Dan's experiences. In spite of the problems, there is little doubt that AMI did its best to save his life with alternative treatments similar to those administered by SMC (below). However, AMI's bedside manner and administrative practices were sorely lacking, and were balanced only by the warmth, hospitality, and sensitivity of the junior staff members. From this article you can learn what issues need your attention and insistence on impeccability from a clinic.

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Stella Maris Clinic (SMC) in Tijuana, Mexico-

from a London Newspaper Article submitted by Edward Lucas

In this article, the investigative reporter describes the stunning upset experienced by Tina upon learning she had only a short time to live because of degenerate breast cancer. The author explains how Tina learned about SMC and shocked her husband and doctors by deciding to travel to SMC from London to receive their spate of alternative treatments. Tina's adventures included major health advancements, renewed hope, and a happy experience at SMC, arguably one of the best clinics of its kind in the world. In this article, you will learn something of its heavyweight credentials. The clinic is reputed to be associated with a company that manufactures Laetrile (Vitamin B17, a powerful anti-cancer nutrient) from Apricot kernels.

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