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Introduction and Overview

Why I Am Doing This

In 1988 my father died of what some think was cancer. He was a Christian Scientist and did not typically discuss his ailments. I knew he was not feeling well, but was surprised to learn of his death. In 1993 my ex-wife’s mother died of breast cancer several years after having two mastectomies. My ex-wife’s father has diabetes, is on a two-shot-a-day insulin treatment, has difficulty seeing, and is handicapped somewhat by obesity and numb feet. I have emphysema, and even though it works slowly, it is as likely to kill me as cancer and diabetes are killing others in my family. I do not breathe well, I tire and get out of breath after only the slightest exertion, and I live a sedentary life.

I have no fear of death. I am "right" with God. However, I do not want myself, my loved ones, or anyone else in the world to die a miserable death after years of protracted, worsening illness. After my ex-wife’s mother died, I decided to study cancer and find out whatever I could that would help me keep my wife or myself from getting cancer. I have not finished my study, but at this point I have enough information to begin telling others about it. That is why I am writing this paper.

Letters from Web Guests

I will put letters that I have received from others here, till quantity justifies their own page.

How This Site Is Organized

I have organized this site to deal with ALTERNATIVE preventions, treatments, and cures for cancer. I am not taking up TRADITIONAL methods of radiation, chemo, and surgery therapies. Your doctor will do an adequate job of that. The purpose of this site is to tell you what your doctor probably will NOT tell you. Aside from this overview, there are the major areas:

  1. CLEANSES: Whatever is going on with you, your body in its current state is probably a mess, and it IS a precondition for cancer to set in, EVEN if you don't already have cancer. So, FIRST you need to CLEAN it up. You might be surprised at how simple and easy it is to do, but how completely unusual to your normal routine. Items in this category consist of methods for killing parasites, getting rid of liver and kidney stones, and killing bacteria and viruses. This page also includes information on external therapies involving showers, massage, clothing, and the like.
  2. FOOD: Then, what you do every day, if you don't do anything else, is to put food into your body. Your diet is the single most important precondition to cancer, and you must correct it or you will not get well. Therefore, we cover the topic of FOOD. Items in this category consist of "normal" natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, meat, herbs and other items of easily accessible animal and vegetable sources that do not require a doctor's supervision.
  3. SUPPLEMENTS: Next, since you have to take fast, drastic action, and proper nutrition may not be easily available in your accessible food sources, we cover food SUPPLEMENTS. These are also intended to help repair cancer damage. Items in this category include vitamins and minerals that are not normal foods and are specially derived from various sources.
  4. DRUGS: Finally, we go to emergency DRUGS, or chemicals derived or concocted in some special way JUST to treat cancer. Items in this category consist of special chemicals or chemical combinations that ought to be administered under the care of a physician or specially trained therapist.
  5. Tools: These are devices you can use to treat cancer or understand more about it. Many people believe electronic devices are the medicine of the future. This page examines a few of them.
  6. Clinics: These are all-in-one treatment Clinics that put you on schedule in a treatment center - also, read testimonies.
  7. References: Here you will find references to books, articles, web sites, suppliers of treatments and drugs, foods, supplements, and service providers.

Caveat: I am not a medical doctor and I do not give medical advice. Therefore, you SHOULD CONSULT a medical doctor about any of the protocols mentioned on this site to MAKE SURE they are not in conflict with any existing treatment program. It is easy, especially with drugs, to mix the wrong ones, and you must pay attention and not leave this to chance. Otherwise, you could end up worse than you are now.  

Another Caveat:  Regarding Doctors... Be careful to note that certain statistical information (a sampling of newspaper obituaries) indicated the average lifespan of an American medical doctor is 58 years, while the average lifespan of other Americans is 77.5 years.  You might therefore get better advice on longevity from a bus driver or topless dancer than from a medical doctor. For more on this, consult the book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Joe Wallach.

Yet Another Caveat: More on Medical Doctors... I used to have a certain awesome reverence for medical doctors, but not any more. It is not that they are bad folks, necessarily, in spite of their too-busy-to-talk-to-you attitudes, their harried schedules, their general pompous views of their own status and education, and their "scientific" approach to their profession. It is that they are bountifully ignorant about the very subject they should know most about: nutrition. The typical MD gets one or two courses in nutrition in his education, and virtually nothing in his training. He knows little or nothing about homeopathy. He is concerned mostly with treating SYMPTOMS rather than causes, because he really knows little about causes of illness. So when you go to an MD for advice, don't look at him as a God. According to consumer advocate Ralph Nader, medical doctors actually caused the deaths of 300,000 people per year in the USA in the last half of the 20th century through negligence and error. That is more Americans killed in one year by doctors than were killed in World Wars I & II, the Korean War, and the VietNam "war" COMBINED! Doctors know a lot about drugs and medicine, and the therapies they practice, but don't expect ANYTHING sensible from them at all on any other subject related to your health.   

What IS Cancer and Its Treatment?

More has been written on Cancer than on just about any other subject except religion. You can search the web and find out all about it. My summary is this: Cancer is a mysteriously caused abnormal growth of body cells. The cells in an organ, blood, or tissue simply start growing abnormally fast, in clusters. You can read the foods page for details. For a while, the cells keep the characteristics of the tissue they are in. As time goes by, they change into cells that no longer have those characteristics of the original tissue. They thus REPLACE cells of the original organ with non-organ cells, and THAT reduces the functionality of the organ. Eventually, the organ stops functioning altogether. This is what kills you.

For example, the liver's main job is to convert various kinds of sugars into glucose and dump that into the blood stream so as to energize cells and allow them to do their normal work. A side job of the liver is to detoxify your body by removing poison such as cell excretions from your blood and depositing it in your bowels to be excreted. It does these things by many complicated, interwoven processes. Among other functions, it uses nutrients from the blood to produce acids that bind with and remove toxins from the blood. Liver cancer destroys the liver's ability to convert sugars to glucose and to cleanse the blood, and so other organs break down because of being poisoned while the body shrivels because nutrients cannot reach the cells.

A lot of research has been done on cancer cell metabolism - the "life cycle" of cancer. The problem of curing cancer has been 1) to understand its life cycle, and 2) to determine how to interrupt (and terminate) it without adversely affecting the rest of the body. Treatments consist of 1) preventing it through proper life-style (diet, exercise, attitude, environment), 2) killing the cells directly with radiation and chemicals, 3) starving the cells by interrupting metabolism, and 4) causing other organic or chemical mechanisms to attack the cells. A major problem with cancer is that its cells do not metabolize the way normal cells do. Normal cells require oxygen to live. When they are deprived of oxygen, they become cancerous within two cell generations, and then resupplying oxygen to them will not stop them from being cancerous. Once started, cancer cells convert oxygen and glucose into lactic acid (instead of carbon dioxide like normal cells do). The body's nutritional balance gets thrown off because the liver has to convert that lactic acid into glucose, which goes back to feed the cancer cells. This deprives the rest of the organs of their glucose ration, and the whole body shrivels up. Meanwhile, it puts a tremendous load on the liver.

So, and this is a key point, the trouble with cancer is that

  1. Cancer makes you sick,
  2. Cancer damages organs, sometimes beyond repair, and
  3. Cancer ultimately kills your body.

Get this key: "sometimes beyond repair". That means even if you cure the cancer and get it completely out of your body, you still have one or more damaged organs. Cancer treatments normally deal only with getting the cancer cells to stop growing and to disappear. Normally, the treatment does not deal with healing damaged organs (which it SHOULD). But it is the dysfunction of damaged organs that ends up killing you. For example, people with AIDS have a dysfunctional thymus gland (right behind your chest bone), so it does not produce sufficient T-cells and the immune system stops working, so almost any infection is potentially deadly.

By far the most common treatments are surgery and chemo and radiation therapy because the medical community has proven beyond question that these DO kill cancer cells and cause seriously sick people to seem to live longer. But everyone outside the medical community frowns on them because they also kill other cells, make you feel and look terribly sick, and then you still die (most of the time). In other words, traditional treatments make you even sicker WITHOUT removing the cause of the cancer. So, you are almost guaranteed to relapse and die from cancer or complications resulting from it. Beside that, doctors make a fortune treating cancer with these methods, and NOBODY (not even doctors) likes giving doctors money. The point is: the traditional methods are not really cures (they are only "treatments"), they are not preventatives, and they make doctors, hospitals, and drug companies rich while they kill you anyway.

By far the easiest treatment to live with is lifestyle change consisting of proper diet, environment, exercise, and mental attitude. Ultimately it is also the cheapest because it is the ONLY way to prevent cancer to begin with. These changes may not be able to regenerate a damaged organ, however.

Can Cancer Be Prevented?

I personally believe cancer is the result of nutritional or lifestyle deficiency, and so it can be prevented by proper diet and lifestyle. Few people are concerned enough to take preventive measures until after they have cancer. Yet, even then, lifestyle alone can prevent it from worsening. Much is in these pages to suggest methods.

THE ROLE OF TESTING. Of significant importance is the fact that you can be tested for many forms of cancer. Then, if you discover you have cancer, you probably can take quick action to stop it in its tracks before it gets really bad. Testing techniques are given at http://www.cancertest.com and http://www.cancer.org; in general, cancer screening tests are fairly inexpensive.

Can Cancer Be Cured?

I am an optimist, and so I say YES, cancer can be cured. I cannot personally say from my own experience that any of the treatments in this paper will prevent or cure cancer. I will say that the original authors of the works I mention here DO claim such prevention or cure, or at least amelioration. Several if not all of the authors have suffered at the hands of drug companies, the traditional medicine proponents, and the federal government of the United States of America. Many have been persecuted into actual or near bankruptcy or financial ruin JUST because they did not agree with the medical establishment or its super-cop, the Food and Drug Administration.

I believe these treatments CAN completely or mostly get rid of cancer. In spite of the Food and Drug Administration's harrassment and suppression of people who adminster these treatments, MANY people, including researchers, practitioners, and cancer victims, have attested to these treatments as cures, and in general I believe them. As for regenerating damaged organs, the normally miraculous curative powers of the body under proper diet, exercise, environment, and mental attitude can and will make you whole again under many circumstances.

However, the worse you are the harder that is, so it important for you to act fast. The MOST important thing is never to give in to anyone who says you are dying and have only so long to live. Instead, throw everything you can at becoming and being normal again with the positive mental attitude and visualizations that you ARE well.

My View of the Government-Insurance-Doctor-Drug "Cartel"

It is pathetic that many if not most of us Americans do not trust our government, medical establishments, or drug companies. We do not believe they will tell us the truth or even allow us to discover it on our own. History is rife with examples of their suppression and distortion of the truth about illness and related cures. And THEY are the very individuals and groups charged with the responsibility for discovering and promulgating the truth. The motive for this suppression of the truth is 80% money, 15% pride, and 5% genuine but ignorant concern.

I believe most doctors WANT to advise you rightly, but they are ignorant of things in these papers BECAUSE they generally do not trust populist remedies. They believe in the "scientific method" of double-blind studies where a treatment is given to one group and placebos to another group and BOTH are told it is or is not a cure. Why? Because the power of human belief is so strong as to make people cure themselves OR make themselves sick.

The double-blind study is supposed to remove the "power of the mind" from the treatment method. But most researchers neglect to consider the "Backster Effect" *, that their OWN negative attitudes can affect the treatment, maybe even MORE than the victim's belief does. As one example of how insidiously dangerous this is, consider: doctors NEVER call what they do a "CURE" - they only call it a "treatment". This alone is profoundly negative and instills doubt in the mind of the patient. Clearly, the power of the mind is not removed, even in double-blind studies.

[* Note: Cleve Backster, noted expert on lie detectors, gained fame from attaching a lie detector recorder to a large plant, and getting a chart response when he threw live shrimp into a pot of boiling water. Upon repeating the process as an "experiment", he failed to get a consistent response from the plant. Later he discovered that the only way to get consisent results was to do the test with a researcher who did not know it was an experiment. Our conclusion therefore must be that the attitude and expectation of the researcher can affect the outcome of experiments and studies. See more on this below.]

Nevertheless, many medical doctors and researchers are consummately dedicated to both their work and the Hippocratic oath to help others in need of medical treatment. Additionally, many are supremely competent at their work, and some can and do develop actual cures. Some of those cures actually pass FDA approval AND get administered, usually at a huge cost. Certainly, the doctors are also money-motivated. Who does NOT want the finer things of life that money can bring? We laymen often muse over whether there is more money in cancer research than in the cures, primarily because official medical research has been ongoing for over 80 years and the official results are so paltry and ineffective. We ask: Do they even WANT to find a cure?

Here is another fact worth considering: a drug company or medical doctor may lobby the government heavily to suppress any cure for any illness if the cure will somehow cause the drug company or medical doctor to lose or miss out on income. The handiest method to destroy a cure or prevent it from being made available is to arrange disapproval by the Food and Drug Administration. It is easy to see why. FDA approval costs anywhere from $20,000,000 to $120,000,000. Only a large drug company can afford that amount of money to do the double-blind studies and other research to prove the cure will not hurt someone. If the government did not require such studies, drug companies would be killing us right and left with unproven "cures". But in the process of seeing the drug companies kept honest, WE suffer from lack of common-sense inexpensive cures.

Furthermore, few pharmaceutical companies will work on any treatment that is not using a patented technique, equipment, or chemical substance. Only if it is patented or if they have some other lock on the business can they make the windfall profits they desire. Thus simple herbal and nutritional remedies will be ignored by them, such remedies will not be advertised or promoted, the drug companies will work to suppress such remedies (especially if competing against their own products), the drug companies may even work to ruin or destroy the lives of brilliant researchers working on such remedies, and WE never find out about them. Only our own word-of-mouth, such as by these pages, makes them known.

You can read a very poignant example of this in G. Edward Griffins' brilliantly researched book World Without Cancer about the suppression of laetrile, a drug that actually works to prevent and treat cancer. It explains how cancer develops and how Vitamin B17 from apricot kernels operates to suppress the growth cancer, and it clearly documents how misrepresentations and lies in FDA-funded reports caused the FDA to put laetrile on the "restricted" list of banned substances. Now you can only get laetrile for your own use by illegally importing it or going through a complicated legal process. Evidence suggests the FDA is in collusion with the AMA and drug companies to prevent laetrile from being used as a cancer treatment. If so, officials in the FDA are actually conspiring to facilitate the sickness and death of cancer victims. We deserve better than that from our government.

The point here is: if the cure is too cheap, the drug companies and medical doctors can’t make money off it and will pressure the FDA to disapprove it. Furthermore, the FDA will not approve any cure that cannot be proven by its normal process. Either way, WE don’t get the cure. And what’s worse, our insurance companies will not pay for the REAL cure. It seems a bit insane that the insurance companies will only pay for super-expensive "cures" that seldom if ever work, doesn’t it?

Naturally, the insurance companies, right in the thick of the mess, lend their support, AGAINST US, to the drug companies and doctors. Why? Whom else can they trust? Certainly not us, the ignorant masses who make ourselves sick with lack of exercise, fat-laden diets, high-stress environments, and degenerate life styles.

Well, you don’t have to make a life career out of finding and using cheap cures for cancer and other deadly diseases. For the most part it is pretty simple. It only SEEMs grueling and difficult because we did not learn it from childhood.

How You Are Affected by What You Think

If you are already sick with cancer, you are not exactly pleased with it and you know there is a good chance you will die from it. You might not know exactly what precipitated it, but for a fact it came from your lifestyle. That means your activity, your diet, your body’s exposure to poisons, and your state of mind. Although I will not dwell on it extensively in these papers, state of mind is purely your choice. What happens to you in life is not nearly as important as what you think about it. And medicos conjecture that upwards of 70% of man’s ills are psychosomatic or stress-induced.

As a matter of fact, your thoughts completely dominate your profile of health. Somebody can look at you and say "Oooh, you look SICK!" and that alone is enough to make you look, feel, and act sick IF you AGREE with it. It is easy to fall into dumb agreement with almost anything. In fact, your entire view of reality is based on your agreements with others as to what is real. All the works of man (ALL of them) are products of men's minds and thus of our agreements with what is, what can be done, and what will be done. You have to think it, to make a mental image picture of it FIRST, and then it comes into physical being. Some philosophers even think that a mental picture itself has a small, but measurable, amount of MASS to it as a "mock up" of what will take shape in the physical universe.

In the 1970's the famed authority on lie detectors, Dr. Cleve Backster, connected his Galvanometer (a device for measuring changes in electrical resistance) to a plant and watched the recorder needle register a response when he threw live shrimp into boiling water. He went on to prove that one cannot conduct such experiments while thinking of them as experiments, because the EXPERIMENTER's THOUGHTS would thereby affect the outcome of the experiment. Throughout the ensuing 20 years of research, using EKG machines (which measure voltage changes) and other instruments, he conclusively demonstrated that not only plants but also one's own body cells are highly responsive to what people think. As a result, an entire segment of cancer therapy is based on the positive mental attitude and its affect on cell metabolism. It is so important WHAT you think that you MUST think every therapy you use is doing you good and you must SEE it doing you good in your "mind's eye". If you do not do this, ANY therapy can actually be harmful to you, relative to what it otherwise would be.

The Effect of True Religion

True religion is defined as "devotion to supreme values". It is our quest for the supreme that leads to the first source and center of all actual and potential reality, to God. It is losing that focus that causes us to become mired in the mundanities and viscissitudes of human living. You should assertively demand that your focus be allowed to return to the ultimate of all devotions, even though cancer and other sickness or suppressive persons are pressuring you to do otherwise. In order to do that, it may be necessary to reevaluate the persons and things in your life, and get rid of them.

If you live with worry, anxiety, stress, high pressure, or mean or domineering people, you need to take fast action to get rid of the source of the pressure. You must start thinking positively about the joy of being alive as a Son or Daughter of God.

During his life on this world, Jesus of Nazareth taught how to have a faith-based relationship with God as a trusting child does with a loving father. Your knowledge that the Universal Father resides within your mind as your constant companion will give you great comfort. All you need to do is to ponder his presence within you and attempt to communicate with him, if nothing more than to welcome him and say you are glad he is there.

This simple exercise will relieve stress, worry, and anxiety, and here is why:

We were put on this world so that we of our own free wills might seek, find, know, love, yearn to be like, and eventually become like God. Being like God ultimately brings us to devote unselfish, loving service to our fellow man. When your life is consumed with the pursuit of truth, beauty, goodness (doing the Father’s will), you do love and serve others, and you Are in the Kingdom of Heaven. No matter what befalls you, you will have sublime peace, and you will be a source of strength, courage, and happiness for others. Devotion to these values IS true religion, and it of all other pursuits is life-giving.

What YOU Have to Do to Become and Stay Healthy

Having said that, here is my nutshell assessment of what you can do to stay healthy:

  1. Eat sensible, balanced meals and snacks consistent with the needs of your body and blood type, and your present state of health. In general, eat plenty of fresh fruit (including their seeds and the meat of their pits, especially apricot, apple, and peach), vegetables, nuts, cereal grains, and berries. Study nutrition and be aware of your body needs. Stay away from candy, soda pop, Big Macs, and other "junk" food. Eliminate sugar, red meat (all animal meat if you can), and processed foods from your diet. If you cannot do it all at once, do it gradually and only occasionally use cottage cheese and low-fat meat or fish for protein. Remember that there are many vegetable sources for protein, and you do not need to eat animals.
  2. Drink at least 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, and take electrolyte (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium) supplements.  The proper method is to drink a cup to a pint upon arising, and half an hour prior to each meal, but not within 2 hours after the meal, and the balance throughout the day.
  3. Supplement your diet with special treatments or nutrients that build your immune system and cure diseases. Minimize pain killers and prescription drugs. This does not mean such drugs are bad. It means you should focus on diet and nutrition instead of medicine. Also, PAY ATTENTION to what you are taking and make sure a) you don't take two or more items that collide with each other or undo each others' benefits, and b) you don't take anything that YOU PERSONALLY do not fully understand and agree will help you (many people have been killed by a doctor's well-intentioned but ill-advised drug treatments).
  4. Clean the parasites out of your body and KEEP them out.
  5. Clean your detoxifying and food processing organs (intestines, liver, kidneys) out and KEEP them clean. Remember that the liver's main job is to convert carbohydrates into glucose so as to nourish the cells and give them energy, not to detoxify the body. It only has to do the detox work because you keep loading your body with poisonous "food". Remember that real "food" is not toxic, so whatever you are eating might not be food (even though you think it is).
  6. Exercise, even if you only go for a 5 minute walk, every day. If it is possible for you to work to a vigorous "sweat" for half an hour a day, do it. Sweating is an excellent way to detoxify your body, and that is one of the purposes of sweat. Remember that the skin is the body's largest organ, and you need to exercise its functions in order to get its benefits. Exercise that causes heavy breathing also aids flow of lymphatic fluid, and thereby eliminates toxins.
  7. Build positive, loving, happy relationships with God and your fellow man, and spend daily time on them. Communicate continually with the spirit of God within you, and follow his lead.
  8. Live cleanly, morally, and ethically, and stay away from suppressive people and situations while you spend some time every day doing SOMETHING to help one or more other people directly.

There are many books on exercise, stress, relationships, and God, so I will not deal further with them here. I will, however take up items 1 through 4 above, and I will only cover those therapies that are reputed to produce results. I repeat that I cannot say from first-hand knowledge that the things written about here will cure cancer. Nevertheless, I hope they will be useful to you.

The Cancer Therapies, Treatments, Cures, Diets, and Drugs

The information that follows is sketchy, and it is intended to be so. Obviously I cannot cover ALL cancer treatments in depth. However, I can provide a glossy overview that will stimulate you to further study, or at LEAST let you know material on the subject exists somewhere. You will find a summary table of suppliers of various products in the references section of this web site, along with a summary of most of the treatments.

If you want to search the site for topics of interest, use the little form in the menu at the top or bottom of each. If you want to discuss cancer and its cures with other interested people, join the discussion list using the adjacent form in the menu.


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