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This page discusses foods that can prevent, cure, or ameliorate cancer, and it discusses nutritional concepts in general. My definition of a food is anything you can eat or drink which requries minimum or no processing to extract a particular nutrient. Examples solid or juice forms of animal and vegetable food products like herbs, grasses, fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables, oils, and meats. If it is something that requires special processing to extract a particular vitamin or mineral, it is a supplement or a drug.

In examining food, one's philosophy about nutrition is important. There are many philosophies, and most people have no idea whose to believe. The nutritional considerations I present here are not uniquely mine. They are a distillation of things I have read and studied, and as much as possible, they are based on understanding of physiology and body function, not just folklore.

Relationship: Diet, Germs, and Disease

My personal opinion is that body metabolism is almost completely dependent on diet. When the diet is out of whack, germs (microorganisms) and disease take over. If the diet is not correct, metabolism is not correct, and this makes you sick. Your body is a living machine with all the microorganisms in delicate balance under control of the brain, which is further under control of the mind. If your mind is directing you to ingest the right food in the right amount, assuming you know what is right, you will have a better quality of life and you will not get sick easily. Why? Because you are keeping the machine in proper balance by providing it with the proper chemicals (nutrients) to fight off your body's invaders (bacteria, viruses, funguses, yeasts) and keep your fluid and communication systems (blood, bile, lymph, GI, and nerve) flushed and clean.

If, without "thinking" about it, you eat food with a giardia amoeba in it, you will get dysentery, and you could even die from it. But if you eat the right food, that dangerous amoeba will die. It cannot live in the presence of simple parasite killers like cloves, walnut hulls, and wormwood leaves. A sufficient amount of nutritional sulfur in your diet will make you less predisposed to parasitic infection, allergens, bee stings, and so on. Bacteria cannot live in the presence of colloidal silver, so silver water in your diet can keep you from getting all kinds of bacteria infection. If you never let heavy metals into your body, you will not get Alzheimer's disease (which is caused by metals shorting out brain cells). Pure and simple, if you eat right, you will never need to go to the doctor except for broken or worn-out body parts, or genetic defects. But of course, WHAT to eat is the BIG QUESTION.

Further Thoughts about Diet

So much has been written about diet that it is overwhelming. There are thousands of opinions from thousands of sources among dozens of world cultures. You really don’t know whom to believe. All you know for sure is that an "incorrect" diet can make you sick and kill you faster than a "correct" diet.

Some things are "poisons" to everyone – a bottle of arsenic, a pound of plutonium, a teaspoon of curare. These are not accepted as foods, of course. But among widely accepted foods, some seem poisonous over a period of time only to some people, but not to all people. And, some seem healthy over time to some but not all people.

Many if not most of us just give up worrying about it and eat whatever seems to appeal to us, and that is the reason so many foods have become junk foods. We like what tastes good, even if it isn’t good for us, especially if we got started on it early enough in life for it to seem "normal". That of course is what is killing us. Food processing is destroying vital nutrients and THAT is making us sick.

In the last half of the 20th century the western world has become concerned and anxious over the role of diet in general health. Modern communication has made it much more obvious how seriously bad our health is. Millions die from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or organ degeneration of one form or other. Most people die far earlier than they should. Our average life span should be more like 500 years than the 75 years it actually is.

Some considerations about diet are noteworthy:

  1. Lifestyle determines dietary need. The same quantity and type of food is not suitable for everyone.
  2. Cooked animal fat should be largely eliminated from our diets. This may not apply to primitive societies with few other food sources, or those in extremely cold environments, but then such people are more likely to eat the fat RAW so the enzymes in it make it possible properly to digest the fat.
  3. We all should drink a lot of unadulterated water and eat food that is prepared properly without overcooking.
  4. Natural whole food (ideally "fresh" or "live" whole food) of vegetable origin should form the basis of our diets. This includes grain, nuts, fruit, berries, and vegetables, both from the land and from the sea. This excludes the majority of concocted and refined foods, or those manufactured or processed in such a way that they get contaminated with parasites, bacteria, and poisonous chemicals. Some body types are able to digest and utilize low-fat animal protein without incident. For proper digestion, food should not be cooked or raised to a temperature above 105 degrees because high temperatures kill enzymes needed in the digestion process.
  5. Since the body is composed of certain basic elements and compounds, those need to be replenished by the diet. Therefore, if the selection of foods we eat cannot be relied upon to provide those elements, we need to ingest them as dietary supplements. Such foods should be devoid of elements that poison the body.
  6. For each fundamental body type and blood type, certain ideal food combinations may be ideal. The same combinations or proportions of combined items are not ideally beneficial for each body or blood type.
  7. If you are not doing the above 6 items because you do not know how, then it is time to study and learn what you can. If you cannot do them because of your fast-paced lifestyle, you may now start complaining loudly at the places where you eat that you want more nutritious and less poisonous food that is prepared in a more intelligent way.
  8. Sugar causes enormous problems for many people, and some think it exacerbates the negative effects of cancer.  If you are concerned at all about this, you can reduce your dependency on it with Alternative Sweeteners.


For all of the above reasons, I recommend any cancer victim consider a no-meat fresh-food diet with a heavy concentration on juices.   A highly recommended approach to eating is the Hallelujah Acres Diet by Dr. George Malkmus.

I recommend your reading a book entitled Eat Right 4 Your Type, by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. In it he describes the best diets for the 4 different blood types (O, A, B, and AB). This book shows how bodies with different blood types require different kinds of food in different proportions, and he goes on to explain how sickness are caused by not complying with these needs. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand why some diets, nutrients, and medicinal cures work fine for some people but seem useless for others.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the author does not have a vast amount of scientific research to support his assertions. While he indicates that food that is right for a blood type is a function of the evolution of the food sources, he fairly well ignores the fact that the genetic entity known as the human body has ancestral roots that predate all types of foods typical of human beings over their million year history. In the grand scheme of genetic evolution, human bodies are relative newcomers. Furthermore, the fact that human bodies and blood types have evolved to accommodate dietary types does NOT mean we are justified in feeding poisons to the body. Just because the body can process and eliminate the poison does not mean it is okay to feed it the poison.

I also recommend a book entitled Vermont Folk Medicine, published in 1958. The author is a proponent of honey and vinegar (2 teaspoons each in a glass of warm water to be sipped at supper time) to acidify the body, promote a sound sleep, and keep disease away. There is much good sense to what he says, and you will find a good description of body chemistry and its relation to good health. The Vermont Doctor insisted that the you can tell when you are going to become sick by urinating on a Squibb PH strip and noting when it turns alkaline. He said that two days after an alkaline test result you will be sick.

However, the Vermont Doctor was from the old school of medicine in which treatments applied to people who ate "like farmers". Aside from salads, nuts, berries, and fruit, they ate almost exclusively cooked food laden with animal fat. Many modern nutritionists maintain that our bodies are too acidic (the byproduct of consuming cooked animal protein and other processed foods). If this is the case, a daily vinegar tonic may be a shock therapy that works because the dose of acid forces a metabolism change that appears beneficial.

I am constantly learning more about food and nutrition, and lately my attention has been captured by the herbal and food remedies of Dr Richard Schulze and Dr Joel Robbins. They arrived separately at conclusions that fresh foods and juices are the best guarantees of good health. Dr Robbins has stated emphatically that it is necessary to ingest fresh fruits and juices to keep the body from becoming too acidic, and he tended to shy away from herbal approaches to health. Dr. Schulze is very much a herbalist of the "old-school", and focuses quite a bit on herbal remedies to treat chronic or incurable diseases.

In all of these cases and many more, it is becoming clear that a diet based on animal protein is not ideal for humans. There will be more on this further down.

The Physiology of Cancer Cells

I am not going into serious detail about cancer cell physiology, but I am going to cover some considerations you should know.

White blood cells (leukocytes) attack and destroy "foreign" cells like cancer. Cancer cells are coated with a protein lining that prevents white blood cells from destroying them. An enzyme is a catalyst, a chemical that allows "food" to be broken down into constituent nutrients. There are many kinds of enzymes that participate in hundreds of chemical processes in the body. The two enzymes most responsible for breaking down animal proteins are trypsin and chymotrypsin. They are not needed to break down vegetable proteins. The body produces these and many other enzymes for such work in the pancreas. All people have cancer cells in their bodies. These cells are normally killed off because trypsin breaks down the protein sheath protecting the cell, and then white blood cells attack the remaining cancer cell and destroy it. Thus, enzymes like trypsin are the body's first line of defense against cancer.

Enzymes are absolutely critical to the digestive and nutritional processes in the body. The source of enzymes is FRESH unprocessed food. Examples are fresh vegetables, nuts, berries, grain, fruit, and meat. As long as these foods are fresh, the enzymes in them help us to digest them and convert them into fuel for the body. If the food sits too long in the open air, the enzymes start breaking them down before they enter our body. Enzymes (and bacteria) thus cause the "rot" process characteristic of spoiled food. Without enzymes, the process is slowed down or eliminated altogether.

Enzymes can be destroyed by heat. If you elevate the temperature of any food above 137 degrees Farenheit, you will destroy the enzymes in it. This will make the food much harder for your body to digest. That is one reason you should take digestive enzyme supplements if you eat a lot of (or mostly) cooked food.

A major problem with cooked meat is that is high in protein content and zero in enzyme content (unless it is rear). It is also highly acidic. This massive amount of animal protein requires the enzyme trypsin to digest. The body can only produce so much trypsin. If all the trypsin is being used to digest animal protein, then little or none is left to break down the protein lining on cancer cells, and the cells start to flourish and multiply because leukocytes cannot kill them. We have destroyed the natural enzymes in the meat by cooking it, and we deprive the body of its precious trypsin supply by ingesting the meat. Now you can see why a diet high in cooked animal protein is carcinogenic.

And note this: trypsin and chymotrypsin are defensive enzymes, not digestive enzymes. They are being conscripted into servitude in the process of digesting animal proteins when they should be left to their defensive work of killing cancer cells.

Other kinds of foods contain chemicals that can also help destroy cancer cells. This second line of defense against cancer is made up of these compounds called nitrilosides. For example, amygdalin is a nitriloside contained in apricot kernels, apple seeds, grape seeds, grasses, and other foods. Nitrilosides work like this:

Cancer cells contain an enzyme called beta-glucosidase that converts nitrilosides into two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde (extremely toxic to the cancer cell), and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (somewhat toxic to the cancer cell). Normal body cells contain the enzyme rhodanese which converts nitrilosides into food. Only cancer cells contain beta-glucosidase. Thus only cancer cells can convert nitrilosides into benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide, and the process kills the cancer cells while it only nourishes normal cells! This is a target-specific reaction. It does not adversely affect normal cells.

Over the past few hundred years, man has turned heavily from grains like millet that are high in nitrilosides to processed food that are low in nitrilosides like white flower used to make bread, cakes, donuts that most Americans eat several times a day. Furthermore, livestock used to graze heavily on grasses high in nitrilosides, but now are kept in feed lots where they are fed harvested grains laced with growth hormones and virtually devoid of nitrilosides. Our diets are higher in animal protein (from feed lot beef, pork, and chicken) than at any time in the history of the world, and lower in nitriloside-bearing foods than ever before. Now you can see why cancer is on the increase and why it is so rampant that 3 out of 10 people (according to the National Cancer Institute) will get cancer!

What our medical researchers are doing is somewhat backwards and wrong. They should be convincing us to go back to the kinds of food that inhibit cancer rather than finding more drugs that treat cancer. Now you can see why most of their work is in vain, like trying to use a bandaid to patch a hole in the dyke!

Perhaps the only real cure (and the easiest cure) for cancer is to prevent it with a diet containing vegetable (but no animal) protein, and plenty of fresh uncooked food high in nitrilosides and enzymes. A highly recommended approach to eating is the Hallelujah Acres Diet by Dr. George Malkmus.

It is important to know that nitrilosides must be transported to cells, and facilitated in their work of destroying cancer. Zinc is necessary for nitriloside metabolism in killing cancer cells. Nothing heals cancer in the body in the absence of Manganese, selenium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and other minerals, enzymes, and vitamins C, A, E, and B (including B17 or laetrile) . They are essential to healing and good health. You cannot be deficient in any of these important nutrients and maintain good health or cure cancer. And, the best way to get them is in FRESH UNCOOKED FOOD. If you have cancer, you ought to make sure you eat these foods every day, preferably by juicing them, and get plenty of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and nitrilosides.

Acid & Alkaline Cell Physiology

This is a must reading for cancer patients on the importance of eating a balanced acid and alkaline diet.  Herman Aihara is a Japanese scientist, and he is one of the founders of macrobiotics. Here is a short section from his book:

"According to modern physiology, this is true for all humans, as I mentioned previously. Our body cells are surrounded by fluids which should be slightly  alkaline in order to sustain life. If you go jogging or do heavy exercise, you experience shortness of breath, tiredness, and muscle stiffness. This is the result of the production and accumulation of lactic acid, which is in turn the result of the incomplete combustion of glucose.

In other words, under conditions of heavy exercise the body is not getting enough oxygen to metabolize glucose. At such times, the pH of the blood will be around j7.26 - 7.27 instead of the normal 7.3 to 7.4. This is an acidic condition of the blood. This kind of acidity is corrected by the body's buffering system, which changes strong acids to weak acids and eliminates them as carbon dioxide (CO2) which we exhale as part of our breath.

If the condition of our extracellular fluids, especially the blood, becomes acidic, our physical condition will first manifest tiredness, proneness to catching colds, etc. When these fluids become more acidic, our condition then manifests pain and suffering such as a headache, chest pain, stomachache, etc. According to Keiichi Morishita in his Hidden Truth of Cancer, if the blood develops a more acidic condition, then our body inevitably deposits these excess acidic substances in some area of the body such so that the blood will be able to maintain an alkaline condition. As this tendency continues, such areas increase in acidity and some cells die; then these dead cells themselves turn into acids. However, some other cells may adapt in that environment. In other words, instead of dying- as normal cells do in an acid environment- some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells. These abnormal cells are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor with our own DNA memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer."

Carcinogens in Natural Foods

Some natural foods can contain cancer-causing or cancer-related chemicals (carcinogens). Consider the following:

  1. Natural Foods May Contain Carcinogens:
    Betal Nut»»Hydrocarbons
  2. Food contaminants:
    Aflatoxin B1»»Peanuts
    Nitrosamines»»Beer, Wine, Pickled Vegetables
  3. Food Processing:
    Barbecued Meat»»Polycyclic Hydrocarbons
    Heat Processing of Protein-Rich Foods»»Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines 2-amine-3-methylimidazo [4,5-f] quinoline (IQ)
  4. Dietary Fat:
    Saturated Fatty Acids
    Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Corn oil, Safflower oil»»n-6
    Menhaden oil»»n-3
  5. Natural Foods May Contain: Anticarcinogens »»Vitamins, Antioxidants mushrooms»»beta glucan


Dr. George Malkmus's Hallelujah Acres Diet

This diet is vegetarian and is saving many people's lives. It consists of zero animal protein, some amount (about 35%) of cooked foods (mostly vegetable protein), and the rest uncooked, with a huge percentage being fresh juice from raw vegetables, and some from raw fruit. If you have read my explanation about the physiology of cancer cells above, then you know the reasons why this vegetarian diet works.

The Vegetarian Healing Diet

This diet will show how American's are eating an inverted diet of 80% acidic foods and 20% alkaline foods.  This heavy acid diet is not only destroying the minerals of the body, it  is also altering our bodies at a cellular level.  Too much acid in our cells can cause them to mutate along with altering our DNA.  Some of these mutations are malignant; another word for these malignant mutations is Cancer.  When we reverse our poor diets to an 80% alkaline and 20% acid diet we can change our entire state of health.  A properly alkalined body at a cellular level can turn the body into its own doctor and its own hospital.

Six weeks of a rigid diet showed dramatic cell changes in  blood samples.  There is so much guessing out there, but  for the first time there is a diet that has been showed to work under the microscope.  Here is a good website that goes over this information:


This diet in the beginning may not be enough to get people quickly on the right track.  Some  people might need to detox due to heavy animal protein consumption over time.  They also might have to detox from sugar and heavy antibiotic use over time.  I would suggest that some people investigate natural approaches to cleanse their liver, kidneys and colon along with the use of this diet.  I would also suggest that you do not put any pill in your body unless it is muscle tested against your body by an advanced kinesiologist.  See this site for an explanation of kinesiology: 


Anyway, good luck and here is the diet.  You may copy and send this diet to anyone who needs help without any permission.   Please get approval from your doctor before going on any diet program.

"Our body cells cannot adequately function if the pH range (which measures acidity and alkalinity) is not in a narrow range. Studies of pH balance have shown that when pH is more acidic we are more susceptible to diseases. Allergists find that most people with severe allergies have acidic systems. Most processed foods are acidic, and when we consume too many of them the acid/alkaline balance is upset. To obtain a balanced pH would require a diet of 70-80 percent raw fruits and vegetables."   From Barley Green Research

Dietary changes have shown to be helpful for the following problems and diseases:  Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertention, Anemia, PMS, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive Disorders and Aids. 

The Rules of the Diet

Drink eight glasses of pure spring water out of a clear plastic or glass container only.  Mountain Valley or Fountainhead water have been tested with having good mineral content.  Most spring waters are filtered tap water.  Drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day or you will form what is called a toxic pool in your body.   Do not interupt your digestion process by drinking water with your meals.

  1. Take 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil each day.
  2. Take 2 tablespoons of Braggs amino acids each day.
  3. Consult your doctor before you start any diet.
  4. Be careful about eating too much raw vegetables to avoid upper GI problems.
  5. Lightly steam vegetables;  too much heat depletes minerals.
  6. You might be allergic to some vegetables or items above. A good kinesiologist can muscle test these items against your body and tell you if they make you strong or weak.  You should have all supplements and medicines that you take tested as well. If you are toxic then it is a given that you will have food allergies to even simple vegetables like celery.  See a site called mastering food allergies at:  http://www.nidlink.com/~mastent/index.html
  7. Make sure that you replace the amino acids, etc. that you lose if you avoid animal protein.  Items 2 and 3 above are good along with eating beans and almonds, etc.
  8. Try to mix your foods and avoid eating the same food for three days. Be careful of taking the same anytbing for extended periods of time.
  9. If you are susceptible to kidney stones, then note that foods high in oxalic acid are said to be the major components of kidney stones.  Be careful of eating too much Spinach, beets, cucumbers, green peppers, etc.
  10. If you bloat up or feel joint pain 10 to 20 minutes after eating a certain food then eliminate it.   (especially for arthritic people)
  11. If your body is not used to eating raw vegetables, then gradually go from steamed to raw vegetables.
  12. Warning, be careful about eating enough protein.  Also, vegetarians are notorious for lacking B-12.  Vegetarian diets can be dangerous if you do not watch these two things!

High alkaline foods (should be 80% of your diet)

The following is a list of foods you can eat freely up to 80%. (60% should be raw, 20% should be lightly steamed)  Do not use a microwave oven for cooking.

Vegetables including

* be careful of certain vegetables if you are having thyroid problems. Broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage might depress the thyroid.  Your thyroid will tell you of sensitivities by cold hands and feet or a sore throat and anxiousness.

** Too much raw vegetable can cause upper GI or colon
problems.  Lightly steam vegetables for best results.  Be
careful of raw celery and carrots if you have bowel movement

Fruits including:

Acid foods should be 20% of your diet

The following is a list of foods you can eat freely up to 20%.

Essential dressing

*Important- if you are going to take animal protein out of your diet then you must replace these lost 17 amino acids with at least two tablespoons per day of the Braggs Amino Acids and at least two tablespoons per day of flax oil.  Also, you should make sure to eat protein the way vegetarians normally do with beans, etc.

Other daily suggestions

Drink 16 ounces of a green drink each day to alkalize the body. Green drinks make a great breakfast.  Please note that barley allergies are common.  If your green drink includes barley then discontinue it if you have problems.

Great tasting green drink:  cucumbers, celery, parsley and spinach.

Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure water each day.  A more accurate suggestion is to drink .6 ounces of water for every pound of weight.  The best water is distilled water that has been charged.  You can buy drops at your local health food store which will negatively charge the water.  Distilled water is the closest to what is already in your body and it will act like a magnet to toxins.

My favorite water is Mountain Valley Spring water out of Hot Springs Arkansas.  The water tested 180.00 parts/Million mg/liter in alkalinity (CaCO3)  This water has a wonderful sweet taste. Please note that most spring waters are simply filtered tap water. Mountain Valley has been around since 1871.  You can call (800) 643-1501 for a store near you that carries it.  They have a website at:  www.mountainvalleyspring.com

I have a strong emphasis on water because our bodies are approximately 75% water.  Without the correct water intake we can form what is called a toxic pool in the body.

*Avoid all carbonated drinks from your diet.  These are known to cause a B-vitamin deficiency which will yield fibromyalgia type symptoms.  Avoid all phosphate preservatives and nitrates.

Final Summary (foods to eliminate)

** Animal protein, dairy and bleached flour are the cause of most bowel problems.

 Final Summary (foods we should be eating)

This has all been scientifically documented in the International Food Microbial 20-211-226, 1993


Most of us know that food itself cannot be considered poisonous.  Very few of us know that pleomorphic bacteria, yeast, and fungus and their toxins, which are characteristically present in stored and fermented food, are using our food chain as a Trojan Horse.

The following list of foods are high in pleomorphic bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold and produce mycotoxins that have been documented to cause specific diseases and very specifica organ lesions in both animals and in humans and should never be ingested.

  1. Pig meat including sausage, bacon, salami, and ham are fully fungal colonized and contain the fungi Aspergillus ochraceus which produces the mycotoxin Ochratoxin A, associated with many different documented cancers.
  2. Tobacco contains yeasts aand sugars which ferment the tobacco into the form which reaches the human blood and tissues causing disbiosis of the blood and tissues leading to every degenerative disease known including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.
  3. Mushrooms are not a vegetable but rather the fruiting body of a fungus whose major form of existence, the root-like mycelium, is hidden in the soil. This fruiting body is but the means to disperse the seed-like spores of the fungus throughout the blood and tissues. For example edible mushrooms induce bladder cancer. However, some mushrooms contain a large amount of beta glucan, a polysaccharide carbohydrate that builds the ability of macrophages in the blood to destroy cancer cells. Examples are Agaricus blazei murril, maitake, shitake, and reishi. These are powerful anti-tumor mushrooms.
  4. Corn and all associated products over 25 different strains of fungus...all disease causing. several cancer causing.
  5. Peanuts & Cashews contain over 27 different strains of fungus...(high levels of cancer causing fungus) Note Jimmy Carter family with high incidence of cancer.
  6. Barley contains the fungi Aspergillus ochraceus which produces the mycotoxin Ochratoxin A associated with many different documented cancers.
  7. Animal meat and poultry including beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey contain the fungi Aspergillus ochraceus which produces the mycotoxin Ochratoxin A associated with many different documented cancers.
  8. Alcohol including wine and especially beer contain the fungus Aspergillus ochraceus which produces the mycotoxin Ochratoxin A.
  9. Dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice-cream, butter, etc. are fully colonized with fungi and contain the fungus Aspergillus ochraceus which produces the mycotoxin Ochratoxin A. These foods are also high in sugar which promotes the production of pleomorphic bacteria, yeast, and fungus.
  10. Eggs are fully colonized with fungus and contaminated with mycotoxins.
  12. Stored potatoes are fully colonized with fungus and contaiminated with mycotoxins.
  13. Sugar including honey maple syrup, corn syrup, sucrose, rice syrup, barley malt etc. promote the growth of pleomorphic bacteris, yeast, fungus, and mold and suppress the immune system response up to five hours
  14. Vinegar or apple cider vinegar acidifies the blood and tissues which promotes the production of bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold.
  15. Yeast in any form including Brewers Yeast.
  16. Caffeine in any form acidifies the blood and tissues which promotes the production of pleomorphic baceast, fungus and mold
  17. High fructose fruits acidify the blood and tissues and feed the production of pleomorphic bacteria, yeast, fungus, and mold. For example, APPLE JUICE IS CONTAMINATE WITH THE CARCINOGENIC MYCOTOXIN PATULIN WHICH  IS DERIVED FROM THE FUNGUS AND IS ASSOCIATED WITH STOMACH CANCER.
  18. Dried fish contains the Aspergillus fungus and the extracts from the dried fish contains large amounts of aflatoxin.
  19. Devitalized salt changes the negative charge on the blood cells causing them to stack or combine into symplasts which can lead to oxygen deprivation, congestion, poor circulation, stroke, and/or heart attack.
  20. Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils like margarine, shortenings and vegetable oils are altered fat substances which are known to be detrimental to health because they interfere with normal biochemical processes. These oils have been shown to increase cholesterol, decrease beneficial high-density lipoprotein (HDL) interfere with our liver's detoxification system, and interfere with essential fatty acid function.

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Dr. Johanna Budwig's Flax Oil / Qwark Diet

Dr. Budwig has been hailed as a biochemist genius for her combination of flax oil and qwark (like yogurt) into a diet that cures degenerative diseases.  92 years old as of the year 2000, and a resident of the Black Forest in Germany, Dr. Budwig is a nutrition doctor who has written numerous books and is still doing consultations for seriously ill patients with cancer and heart diseases that are seemingly incurable.  Her treatment is diet and exercise.  You can read about it here.

Food Items

Mushrooms - Agaricus Blazei Murill, Maitake, Shitake, Reishi

The agaricus blazei murill mushrooms are building a reputation for astounding effectiveness treating cancer and other diseases. The reason is their high content of Beta-Glucan.  The mushrooms are produced natively in Brazil, and commercially cultured in Japan.  They are expensive (as far as I am concerned), especially when bought from Japan, but you can buy them in the US from sources who import from Brazil, or you can buy directly from Brazilian sources. You can read all about them here. 

A Canadian doctor finished a study on Maitake Mushrooms in 2000 and found this. Though the benefits of Maitake (and other mushrooms) have been touted for centuries in Japanese herbal medicines, this study indicates "that it may be the most potent of all mushroom-derived medicines in terms of its anti-tumor and immune-enhancing activity".

"In one animal experiment, Maitake was able to shrink tumors better than other mushroom-derivatives, including (the best selling cancer drug in Europe and Asia)."

"One study compared Maitake D-fraction with a widely used chemotherapeutic drug. With just a small dose, the Maitake extract produced an 84 percent tumor shrinkage in mice, compared to 30 percent with the drug. When the two agents were combined in half doses, an astonishing 98 percent tumor shrinkage was achieved in 14 days".

It has been discovered that Maitake contains a polysaccharide (or carbohydrate), called beta glucan, that activates the immune system's "soldiers" that travel the bloodstream. One of these is a large white blood cell called a macrophage which swallows microorganisms, pathogens, and tumor cells. The latest published research also reveals that the Maitake mushroom has the ability to initiate the death of prostate cancer cells.

Subjects were given 20, 500-mg tablets per day of the whole dried mushroom for two months. Apparently, a suitable alternative (as was given in one study) to whole mushrooms is "D-fraction Maitake extract".

raspberries and Ellagic Acid

The Hollings Cancer Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina is doing a huge clinical study on ellagic acid from the seeds of the Washington Meeger red raspberry that is 7 times stronger than grapes. Moreover, they are having incredible results. The product in question has been clinically proven to cause G-arrest (stop cell mitosis-splitting and duplication) with 48 hours, and cause apoptosis (a natural cell death within 72 hours).

Apricot Kernels (Vitamin B17)

Apricot Kernels are the richest source of B17 (Laetrile). This is my complete list of links regarding the research behind B17 and laetrile for treating cancer. READ them. Ernst Krebs is the world's leading authority on the relationship between cancer and nitrilosides, and the inventor of laetrile.

Apricot kernels are known to prevent and cure cancer, even though the medical establishment has worked night and day and even lied to suppress it. Vitamin B17 is found in most all fruit seeds such as the apple, peach, cherry, orange, nectarine and apricot. It is found in some beans and many grasses such as wheat grass. The hard wooden pit in the middle of the peach is not supposed to be thrown away. In fact, the wooden shell is strong armor protecting one of the most important foods known to man, the seed. It is one of the main courses of food in cultures such as the Navajo Indians, the Hunzas the Abkhasians and many more. Did you know that within these tribes there has never been a reported case of cancer. (And there are doctors and scientists from the U.S. living within these tribes right now studying this phenomena) We don't need to make the seed a main course but we do need the equivalent of about seven apricots seeds per day to nearly guarantee a cancer free life. Other foods that contain vitamin B-17 are: bitter almonds, millet, wheat grass, lima beans and more. (The bitter almond tree was banned from the U.S. in 1995.) The kernel or seed contains the highest amounts of vitamin B17.

Also see the Supplements page for more info, and the References page for sources. The best source we know of is G. Edward Griffin' Health World.

A Diet Plan Using Laetrile by Dr. Philip E. Binzel Jr., MD

Dr. Binzel was an early small-town doctor who treated hundreds of patients who had cancer. He maintained that you seldom really get rid of cancer, but you can still live a long and relatively healthy life after you get it if you treat it properly. His focus was nutrition and laetrile. You can read about it in his book Alive and Well (American Media, Westlake Village CA, 1994). Here is a summary of his vitamin/enzyme, nitriloside, diet plan (consult a doctor before starting on this or any other program - your needs may be extraordinary):

1. Vitamins and Enzymes - taken with or just after meals, not on an empty stomach

2. Nitrilosides - Amygdalin (Laetrile, or Vitamin B17) - see my references page for sources - Start this part of the program only after being on the vitamins and enzymes for ten days to two weeks. If you start too soon, the laetrile will not do any good because the body needs plenty of vitamin C to heal and Zinc to carry the laetrile to the cells.

Here are the intravenous doses:

Get your doctor to monitor the level of thiocynate so that your laetrile tablets regulate it to between 1.2 and 2.5 mg/DL. Increase or decrease the number of tablets you take so as to maintain this level. Remember that there are over a thousand sources of nitrilosides, including the kernels or seeds of apricots, peaches, cherries, grapes, apples, macadamia nuts, and also bean and broccoli sprouts, berries (blue, straw, black), lima beans, and so on. Laetrile as described above is much more effective.

3. Diet - if it moves, don't eat it - NO animal sources of food

The first point to note is that animal protein depletes the body of trypsin and chymotrypsin enzymes which are needed to strip the protein liner from cancer cells so white blood cells can kill them. In other words, animal protein can cause cancer, so stop eating it. The supplements you are taking in step one above replace some of the most important enzymes for killing cancer cells, and you undo their benefits to the extent you consume animal products. Furthermore, cooked food contains no enzymes, but raw uncooked food contains enzymes and these are needed for your body to become healthy. Also, processed food or spoiled food is forbidden because they contain actual chemical preservatives, metals, funguses, parasites, and poisons that can make you sick. So,


Noted herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze recommends two tablespoons of this "Superfood" in the morning and two in the afternoon of daily (four times a day if you are under a lot of stress). It is a combination of several food products that you can buy and mix up yourself. The formula contains vital nutrients, protein, and enzymes to balance your diet. You can read full information about it at http://www.healthfree.com. Meanwhile, here is the formula :

Schulze also recommends a nutritional drink:

You can buy the superfood premixed from Southern Botanicals, (727) 461 5455. Also, by calling Southern Botanicals, you can get a free nutritional consultation and free information about how to improve your health.


Garlic, Cayenne, and Ginger Sandwich

Garlic kills cancer - it is a natural antibiotic. Cayenne (red hot) pepper and Ginger improve blood circulation, especially to diseased areas of the body. All are inexpensive and you can buy them in almost any grocery store. Do NOT use pills and powder forms of these foods. Use fresh forms of them.

If you are sick, you should have 5 fat cloves of fresh garlic and one cabanero (HOT) cayenne pepper twice a day. You should also have a half-thumb size chunk of ginger. The best way I know to eat these is as a SANDWICH, and if you do it the way I suggest, you will actually enjoy it. To start off, gather the ingredients and wash the vegetables with a biodegradable wash.

Always peel the garlic first. You can do this by smashing it with the flat edge of a large kitchen knife, or put it in a flexible plastic tube and roll it on the counter top. Then the peelings come off easily. Then either slice it thinly or crush it in a garlic press. Do this with 5 fat cloves. Do not use skinny ones because they are not as powerful.

A habanero pepper is bright orange or red-orange. It is shaped like a bell pepper, but it is only an inch long or less. To prepare it, slice it very thinly ot chop it.

To prepare the ginger, grate it finely.

Now, get a 3" or 4" bun, slice it sideway (like a hamburger bun), and put a thick coat of butter on it. If you cannot tolerate butter, put a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on it. Then pack on the garlic, the habanero, and the ginger. Put the top piece of the bun on and eat it with a glass of orange, apple, or grapefruit juice, or as part of a normal meal. You will discover that it is not unbearably hot and it does not taste disgusting. Feed some to your loved ones or you might not be so loved later on because of the smell of it on your breath. Get used to this because you need to eat a garlic, habanero, ginger sandwich twice a day.


Colostrum is the fluid given by the mother's breast within 24 hours after giving birth. It is not milk. It is a nutrient loaded with immune system boosters. It is normally processed into a powder and sold in capsule form. Read more about it at our supplements page. The cheapest high-quality source we know of is G. Edward Griffin's Health World.

Macrobiotic Diet

This diet is well-known in health circles. It consists of brown rice, sea vegetables, tofu, vegetables, etc, in special combinations. It is a proven cancer killer, but you must stick to the diet faithfully. Get books AND meals at Nature's Food Patch in Clearwater, Florida. The meals are served daily. "The Patch" is a very popular restaurant because the food is organic, nutritious, and delicious.

Get full details on the diet and reasons behind macrobiotics from The East West Foundation, 17 Station Street, Brookline, MA 02146, (617) 731-0564.

Wheat Grass Diet

A diet containing a lot of wheat grass juice has been used by many people to cure cancer. One woman’s story is told in the book How I Conquered Cancer Naturally by Arnold Hunsberger. She cured breast cancer by drinking 2 ounces of wheat grass juice one or more times a day. She created the juice by running wheat grass through a juicer. She grew the wheat grass herself.

Here is how she did it. She put whole grains of wheat in large flats covered with a layer of peat moss and a ½ inch layer of soil with earthworms in it. She laid the grains so they touched each other on the moistened flat of soil, and covered the whole thing with 6 inches of damp newspaper. Then she tucked the flat in a plastic bag and put it in a warm area for several days till the sprouts pushed up the newspaper. She then removed the bag and newspaper and set the sprouts so they would catch morning or afternoon sun. After they grew to 6 inches, she cut and juiced them, and after they grew another 6 inches, she cut and harvested them again. She returned the soil to a dirt bed to decompose for 3 or 4 months. Then she repeated the cycle. She had several such flats growing in various phases of the cycle, sufficient to accommodate her wheat grass juice need.

Researchers discovered that the cancer-treating active ingredient in the wheat grass juice is abscisic acid (ABA). ABA is a plant growth hormone that affects embryo development, seed and bud dormancy, water relations, tolerance of a variety of environmental stresses, and senescence. Its name comes from "absciscion", the process by which plants shed their parts (buds, petals, leaves). ABA is a naturally occurring compound in plants. It is synthesized primarily in the leaves. The production of ABA is accentuated by stresses such as water loss and freezing temperatures. It is believed that biosynthesis occurs indirectly through the production of carotenoids. Carotenoids are pigments produced by the chloroplast. ABA is capable of moving both up and down the stem.

Among other things, ABA induces gene changes in response to wounding which may explain an apparent role in pathogen defense. In addition, it is a growth inhibitor that causes seeds to remain dormant. It may be these factors that contribute to its affect on cancer tumor cells. Most likely, its effect on plants is not the same as its effect on cancer cells.

I do not know whether ABA is available as a dietary supplement, nor in what way it might be used. Most research today has to do with its use as a plant hormone, not as a cancer treatment. However, an ABA dietary supplement makes more sense to me than having to grow and juice wheat grass.

Barley Grass

The young leaves of barley grass (12-14 inches high) contain all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins necessary for the human diet, plus chlorophyll. These nutrients are easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract. In particular they contain

Green barley leaves are alkaline, so digesting them can help keep the body's alkaline and acidity ratio balanced. Extracted compounds have found to have hypercholesteromic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer properties. A new antioxidant, 2"-0-GIV, has been isolated and reported to have antioxidant activity equal to or superior to vitamin E. Finally, studies have shown that when green barley juice is added to injured cells, the cells' DNA repairs itself rapidly. This may contribute to preventing the changes that often lead to cancer, rapid aging, and cell death.

You can grow barley grass yourself in the garden or in patio trays, and drink its juice or you can purchase commercial dried green barley powders in the health food store. If you grow it, use normal organic methods. Harvest at 10 to 14 inches height when nutrient content is at its highest. Wash within 30 minutes and process in a juicer. Drink 2 ounces a day.

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts (not just broccoli) contains a cancer fighting agent known as sulforaphane, 2x times that of mature plants. Sulforaphane, found in broccoli, cauliflower and some other vegetables, prompts the body to make an enzyme that prevents tumors from forming. A study by Dr. Paul Talalay, professor of pharmacology and molecular science at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, indicated that cancer development was reduced by 60 percent to 80 percent in laboratory animals fed sulforaphane extracted from broccoi. He discovered that sulforaphane is a cancer preventative in 1992. Talalay also said not all broccoli seed is created equal. Of some 80 varieties of broccoli seed, only about one third are especially high in sulforaphane.

A systematic search for dietary sources of compounds that increase resistance to cancer-causing agents led the Hopkins group to focus on naturally occurring compounds in edible plants that mobilize Phase 2 detoxification enzymes. These enzymes neutralize highly reactive, dangerous forms of cancer-causing chemicals before they can damage DNA and promote cancer.

Jed Fahey, plant physiologist and manager of the Brassica Chemoprotection Laboratory at Hopkins, says sulforaphane is a very potent promoter of Phase 2 enzymes and broccoli contains unusually high levels of glucoraphanin, the naturally-occurring precursor of sulforaphane.

In June 1992, sulforaphane was the latest in a long list of nutraceuticals, chemicals that exist in minute quantities in food and that may play an important role in preventing diseases such as cancer. Many vegetables stimulate certain types of cancer-fighting enzymes in the body. These enzymes break down cancer-causing chemicals, and allow them to be flushed from the body, thereby preventing them from causing cellular damage that could lead to cancerous changes. Not all experts share the researchers' enthusiasm. Critics point out that the phase II enzymes go into action because they perceive sulforaphane as toxic, raising the possibility that in high doses, sulforaphane may be harmful to your health. Critics also point out that studies have not shown any one vegetable, such as broccoli, to be independently protective. A final concern is that the hype surrounding broccoli may lead people to mistakenly believe that sulforaphane could cure cancer. In rare cases, eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli can lead to an enlarged thyroid. But in most cases, the only side effect you risk from loading up on broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and the like is intestinal gas.

You may need to eat 2 pounds a week to get the cancer-fighting benefit, so it might be a good idea to get sulforaphane from a supplement containing polysaccharide glycoproteins like aloe vera, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, garlic, kale, onion, papaya, pineapple, tomato, and turnip.

You can grow your own sprouts, but make sure the seeds have not been treated with fungicide or pesticide. And you may need to do your own research to locate a seed supplier who knows what he is doing so you get the right variety of seeds.

Note: LKT Labs shows information as follows for D, L-Sulforaphane, 97%, 1-Isothiocyanato-4-(methylsulfinyl)-butane; Sulforaphane is a Phase II enzyme inducer present in brocolli. It was found to inhibit chemically induced mammary tumor formation in rats. D,L-sulforaphane is a synthetic compound - 25mg - $54.00



The use of carrots and especially carrot juice as a therapeutic agent is an ancient practice. In modern times carrot juice has been shown to provide beta carotene and other nutrients useful in reducing cell damage and killing bacteria. A person with cancer should drink one to two big glasses of freshly juiced fresh carrots every day. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 1985, carrot juice can pull heavy metals from fatty tissue and discharge them from the system. Heavy metals in the brain (60% fat) cause alzheimers.

Ideally, select the carrots with green tops, not those that have been in cold storage for months. Be sure to juice some of the green tops too. A good cocktail for two is made of

One carrot 7 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter, yields the following nutrients:

10 ozs of carrot juice also contains:

Flax/Linseed - Seed and Oil (also see Budwig)

I have been using flax seed and linseed oil in our diet , and love its effect. My daily breakfast is the "perfect breakfast" below, and it is both filling and nutritious. Believe me, unless you are very weird, you will love it too. I always have about a teaspoon of MSM at breakfast and half a teaspoon of vitamin C powder with water right after breakfast.  This adds even more of  the vital nutritional sulfur that helps the linseed oil to work its magic.

Flax seed and Linseed are one and the same. Dr Johanna Budwig of Germany made profound discoveries about its nutritional value and ability to diminish or cure degenerative diseases like cancer, hodgkins disease, carcinoma, osteoma, and artheriosclerosis when taken with high-quality sulfur-based protein as a normal part of the diet.

Flax oil, containing essential fatty acids, makes your cell membranes healthier and more attractive to oxygen. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, helps lower high blood pressure and it's used in the treatment of Cancer. Dr. Budwig documented over 1,000 cases of successful cancer treatment using this oil. It helps with diabetes and blood sugar regulation, is used in the treatment of arthritis and it helps relieve asthma, improves skin health, treats eczema and psoriasis and is useful in PMS, allergies, inflammations and athletic recovery. It even helps the body detoxify because of its oxygenating effects. Maintenance dose: 1 tbs per day. For more info., see Johanna Budwig's Flax Oil, and Fats that Heal, by Udo Erasmus or The Fats and Oils Story by John Finnegan, all at your local health stores.

The cancer-fighting properties of Flax Oil in Combination with Sulphurated Protein has been demonstrated. In 1931 Warburg demonstrated that essential fatty acids were absolutely necessary for the body to heal "fatty degeneration of cells." In 1937 Szent-Gyorgi won a Nobel Prize for showing that linoleic acid combined with sulfur rich protein "stimulated the vital oxygenation of the body. Dr.Joannna Budwig,PhD, put these together and found that diseased blood samples uniformly contained very low levels of linoleic acid and a protein needed to maintain healthy blood.

To test her theory she selected raw flax oil as the best source of essential fatty acids and combined it with low fat cottage cheese and fed it to cancer patients. After 3 months tumors began to recede, and healthy red blood cells were replacing the greenish-yellow blood elements found previously.

Research in Belgium, Scotland, and the United States confirmed her theory. For severely ill and terminal cancer patients, Budwig uses up to 8 tablespoons of raw flax oil combined with low fat cottage cheese daily. 

Due to the publicity hype about benefits of flax oil there are many products around that may not be as containing all of the beneficial nutrients. Flax oil is very unstable and must always be refrigerated and not used for cooking. Look for bottle that is made from the "omegaflow" process, it should also be high in lignans which are the most important element. They sometimes sink to the bottom of the bottle and must be stirred with a hard chopstick to make it beneficial. Then shake the bottle to evenly distribute the valuable lignans. Flax oil should be dark brown in color if it has all the nutrients. A good brand is Barleans or Omega Nutrition in Canada ,these are in the refrigerated compartments of many health food stores.It must be kept cold and never heated.

If you can't find it call Barleans at 800-445-3529 or Omega Nutrition at 1-800-661-3529

The edible polyunsaturated oil from flax seed is the highest vegetable source of linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3) acids, both "essential" fatty acids the body absolutely requires from outside sources. These acids are required for proper cell metabolism AND to emulsify cholesterol and fats in the blood stream so as to prevent accumulation on artery walls. They are also needed to transport oxygen to the cells and to prevent bacterial infections. Their slightly negative charge regulates the heart beat and helps move toxins to the organs that process and excrete them. They control chromosomes during cell division and are vital to the formation of healthy cells.

Insufficient essential fatty acids are a major contributor to cancer and other diseases such as heart failure, clogged arteries, degenerated liver and kidneys, hair and vision loss, arthritis, poor circulation, dryness of mucous membranes, infertility and miscarriages.

You need essential fatty acids in your diet, about 30 grams a day with at least 500 IU of vitamin E, plus A (use beta carotene), C, B3, B6, and zinc. You get two or three essential fatty acids, all the needed amino acids, plus vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, and C, plus all the major minerals, plus fiber and mucilage from flax seed like this:

The "Perfect Breakfast"

  1. Buy only cold pressed unrefined linseed oil. Look for it in the cooler at the health food or vitamin store. Get a big bottle because you will be using it the rest of your life. It does not keep long, even refrigerated (about 3 weeks), unless it is frozen.
  2. Mix Basic Linseed Cream (homogenize in a blender)
  1. Eat the basic linseed goop in one form or another daily. That is all you need to do. To make it fun and enjoyable, try these recipes:


  1. Perfect Breakfast – layer in a deep bowl
  • 1 tablespoon Linseed oil per 100 pounds of body weight with
  • ½ to 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese.
  • 3 tablespoons of low-fat milk
  • 1 Tablespoon honey, 
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • Top with a shake of cinnamon powder . 
    1. Variety Breakfast – to the Basic Linseed Cream, blend in bananas, lemon/orange juice (2 to 1), coconut, carob powder, or your favorite fresh fruit juice.
    2. Linseed salad – To the Basic Linseed Cream stir in shredded carrot, shredded cucumber, chopped tomatoes, and herbs.
    3. Green Goddess Salad Dressing – into the Basic Linseed Cream blend minced cucumbers, spinach, parsley, and dill.
    4. Linseed Butter – simmer a mashed garlic clove and quartered medium onion dill clear (not brown) in 8 oz coconut oil, discard onion and garlic, let oil cool, stir into "frozen" 100 grams (about a cup and a half) linseed oil, blend thoroughly, and put in freezer to harden. Makes a nutritious butter spread.

    Read more about this in How to Fight Cancer and Win by Dr William L. Fischer, Fischer Publishing Corporation, Canfield, OH 44406, ISBN 0-915421-07-0. This is an excellent book about what cancer is, how it is encouraged by the wrong dietary fats, and both traditional and alternative treatments. It was published in 1987, so it does not mention some of the more recent discoveries.

    Special note: One nutritionist, Jim Lane, suggested cancer patients take 8 tablespoons per day of barley and flaxseed mixed in with Alta Dena cottage cheese to eliminate tumors. After the tumor is gone, switch to 4 tablespoons a day.

    Bee Pollen

    Bee Pollen. Like linseed oil, bee pollen has all the ingredients needed to sustain human life, plus more. It also a Super Food because it EXTENDS life, delivers its nutrients in perfectly balanced proportions, and it cannot be synthesized in a laboratory. It is richer in protein and amino acids than the equivalent weight of any meat. It has been proven to slow the development of mammary tumors, lower the amount of deposits on artery walls, prevent the need for surgery in prostate cancer victims, act as a natural antibiotic, and improve athletic endurance. Bee pollen should be part of your daily diet, and it must be fresh and high quality. Old pollen is hard like pebbles. It is almost useless to you. Good quality product comes from Montana Big Sky, and Biolife Desert Gold. Look for local bee keepers to provide you with fresh pollen. Also, consider Royal Jelly, the extract of bee pollen made by the bees themselves to feed the queen. The queen is thought to develop into a queen only because of being fed the royal jelly

    Ginseng, Gotu Kola

    Ginseng and Gotu Kola are both known to extend live and improve vitality. Some amount in the diet makes sense to anyone who is sick. More on this in a future paper

    Soy Concentrate

    Soya Beans are the source of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. More are produced in the USA than any other country. Soya products are known to be nutritious and to help prevent cancer. They may be good for treating cancer, but you should make sure they are right for your blood type. More on this important cancer-fighting food in a future paper.


    The Essiac formula was discovered by American Indians and used for 50 years to Canadian nurse Rene Cassie (notice – Essiac spelled backwards) to treat terminally ill cancer patients. The complete formula is somewhat disputed because Rene sold it to a man who chose to hoard it as his own proprietary secret, AND he patented it. However, its basic ingredients and proportions are known.

    Essiac consists of

    Or, putting it another way:

    Use no aluminum pots. Boil 1 cup of mix in 2 gallons pure water for 10 minutes, let sit 6 hours, stir, let sit 6 more hours, stir, reboil, strain, and bottle in sterile amber glass bottles. Store in dark place. Refrigerate after opeining. Cost: <$100 for 20 gallons (make yourself) or $28 per pint (storebought). Mix 2 oz Essiac with 2oz pure water, boil, sip. Drink 3 times daily ½ hour before eating or 2 hrs after eating, preferably after arising, before retiring, and in the afternoon. Dosage may be increased by taking it more frequently.

    Buy the ingredients from Herb Products Co, 11012 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA, 91601, phone 818-761-0351, http://www.herbproducts.com or from Clearwater Herbs, 727-449-0772, clear@ij.net

    I have been using the above mixture for 2 years. I think it prevents virus sicknesses because when I drink it daily, I don’t get sick with colds. It is recommended for diabetes victims too.

    Other herbs, not part of the original formula, that are reputed to treat or prevent cancer are:

    Garlic, comfrey, mullein, witch hazel, violet, oregon grape, chaparral, buckthorn, prickly ash, stillingia, chickweed, and rose hips. Others mentioned elsewhere in this document are barley grass, wheat grass, goldenseal, echinacea, cat's claw, flaxseed, ginseng, pau d'arco, butterbur, and mistletoe.

    Click HERE to read more about Essiac

    Mogu (Kombucha)

    The mogu tea, also known as kombucha (cum boo chuh), dates back to the 5th century A.D. Mogu is a fermented tea-like drink made from black tea, sugar, live pancake-shaped fungus with the consistency of a wet mushroom. Get the fungus at health food store. When you drink the tea, it has a mild effervescent taste that is very pleasant and invigorating. Made with the normal process, it is completely safe to drink, and in fact, it is good for you.

    The earliest recorded use of mogu was around 500 AD in Korea when a physician named Kombu used the tea (cha in Japanese) to heal the Japanese emperor of some disease. It was reported by researchers during Stalin’s time to have prevented cancer entirely in two Russian towns where it was regularly consumed by residents. Much clinical research was done in Germany from whence it was brought to the USA.

    Mogu produces acids similar to those made by the liver. It binds with toxins in the digestive tract and carries them out of the body via normal waste elimination. Mogu is known to prevent and treat cancer. It also assists in withdrawal from alcohol addiction and reduces the effect of drunkenness. It has no known harmful side effects in regular dosage of a cup or two a day.

    Make one gallon of the brew at a time. It ferments and is ready to drink in 10 days. After about a week of being "ready", it starts turning to vinegar and punishes the back of the throat. You may retard the fermentation process by refrigerating. Even after the liquid turns to vinegar, the mushroom will live on for a month or more and may be used to start a new brew.

    To make the mogu tea you need this (DO NOT DEVIATE):

    To prepare it, do this (DO NOT DEVIATE):


    Echinacea is a powerful immune system booster, discovered from American Indians, and best known for fast healing of bacterial infections, but with proven results in getting rid of tumors. You can get it in liquid and capsule form.

    History of Echinacea

    Echinacea was first discovered in the late 18th century in use by native Americans in the plains states. They used it for all internal and external infections. It was their sole option for snake bite. (Cancer was unknown among these lndians) In 1887 Dr. H.C.F. Meyer introduced Echinacea in the form of Meyer's Blood Purifier. He made extravagant claims for his product. The back label read: " Take one ounce three times ever day in the following causes rheumatism, sick headaches, dyspepsia, old sores and bites, open wounds, dizziness, and scrofula. In case of poisoning take the double dose, and for bites of rattlesnakes take three ounces three times a day until swelling is gone. This is an absolute cure within 24 hours."At this time some scoundrels claimed their product brought dead people back to life.

    Echinacea gained great popularity early this century until the February 27, 1908 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association in which an editorial discredited Echinacea. In the November, 1909 issue of JAMA an article was published titled, "Echinacea considered valueless".

    Pharmacology of Echinacea

    Echinacoside has an interferonlike activity. It has mild antibiotic activity against Streptococcus and Staphylococcus aureus. Six mg. Echinacoside is equivalent to one unit of penicillin. Oncolytic activities (destructive to tumor cells) have been attributed to the volatile oils of Echinacea.

    Stress, harsh environments or seasons, or whenever the body is in need of reinforcement, Echinacea may supply the boost required to maintain the natural lines of resistance to mend injured tissue and to stimulate body functioning.

    Experimental Studies In 1984 by H. Wagner et al studied purified polysaccharides (EPS) from Echinacea purpurea. It was observed that they strongly activated macrophages. These macrophages developed pronounced extracellular cytotoxicity against tumor cells.

    In 1991 German researchers found that mice (fed Echinacea) were protected against otherwise lethal infections.

    Clinical Studies

    A 1954 study of 200 psoriasis patients showed that 90% had a definite remission.

    A 1964 double blind study of 121 children with whooping cough. 50% were free of symptoms in five days. The other 50% were free in ten days.

    In 1978 a study involving 4,598 patients with skin conditions was conducted. The study lasted five months and involved the observations of 538 physicians outside of hospitals from all parts of West Germany.

    Results were:

    In 1985 a study found that Echinacea stimulates the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow of patients undergoing radiology treatment.

    1986 a double blind study of 203 patients with vaginal candida revealed that Echinacea was three times more effective than conventional methods.

    Get a 2 oz. bottle of liquid Echinacea from your health food store. Put it on any cut or skin infection and be prepared for a miracle within 48 hours. Take 15 drops every 4 hours when you detect symptoms of sore throat or cold. How much should be used in treating cancer is unknown, but I have included it here because it is cheap, broadly available, and KNOWN to boost the immune system. Please note: researchers have discovered that echinacea does not work as well for some people as it does for others, for two reasons - body temperature too low and slow thyroid. To increase body temperature try a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a small glass of water (or capsules). To speed up the thyroid, try adding kelp or Lugol's iodine to your diet.

    Cat's Claw

    Cat's Claw leaf imageCat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), commonly called Una de Gato in Spanish, is a Peruvian herb vine that grows to 100 feet. The ground bark from this plant is available in health food stores. Take it twice a day in capsules or make tea. It is said to boost the immune system and are widely known in South America to be cancer killer.

    Cats' claw was traditionally used by the Ashaninka Indians of Peru. The bark contains a rich variety of pharmacologically active compounds (in particular, the oxindole alkaloids, especially isopteropodine), which have been found to stimulate immune function. Its other active ingredients have been studied for their beneficial effects on specific types of cancer, hypertension, and gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases. Dr. Brent Davis wrote an excellent article, "A New World Class Herb for A.K. [Applied Kinesiology] Practice," in which he refers to Uncaria tomentosa as "the opener of the way" because of its remarkable ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract. The herb helps patients suffering form many different stomach and bowel disorders including Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, leaky bowel syndrome, colitis, hemorrhoids, fistulas, gastritis, ulcers, parasites, and intestinal flora imbalance.


    Pau d'Arco (Taheebo)

    Pau d'Arco is a brazilian tree. The ground bark from this tree is available in health food stores. Take it twice a day in capsules or make tea. It is said to boost the immune system and are widely known in South America to be cancer killer.

    Butterbur (Petasites Officinalis Hybridus) and Mistletoe (Viscum Album)

    These two plants are reputed by ancient and modern herbalists alike to shrink cancer tumors when chemotherapy has done all it can. For that reason, it is to be preferred over chemotherapy, at least as a first strike alternative. A very small amount produces a big reaction. You take it by putting a single drop in half a glass of water. Drink daily by sipping throughout the day. Repeat for 8 days. Then up the dose to two drops for 8 days, then to 3 drops for 8 days. Doses can get even stronger. If you take it large doses too quickly, you get strange side effects, but otherwise it is said to be harmless. It should be left diluted when treating lung cancer.

    Butterbur (called "plague root" in German) was used to combat the plague in the middle ages. It is an analgesic (pain reliever) and can cure underlying problems. It is nontoxic and nonaddictive. It is available in tablet form under the brand name Petadolor in Germany. Let the tablets dissolve on the tongue and take 3 to 16 per day. The treatment is also effective for menstrual cramps, asthma, headache, and other aches and pains. When treating cancer, it effectively prevents metastases (spreading) after surgery, and should be taken regularly in addition to other treatments in the form of Petaforce (available in Germany from Bioforce).

    Mistletoe stimulates normal cell metabolism, promotes blood vessel elasticity, lowers blood pressure, relieves vertigo, and attacks and suppresses cancer cells in combination with Butterbur.


    Hyssops has a long history of use as a herbal remedy, and is mentioned several times in the Bible. It acts as a blood thinning agent and eliminates colds and coughs. More recently it has been shown to prevent the spread of HIV when used in the form of a tea with other ingredients.

    A patient with AIDS at North Shore University Hospital, in Manhasset, New York began drinking an old Jamaican tea remedy suggested by her mother. Although she did not get rid of aids, she began healing after 6 months of drinking the tea.

    She had suffered from disseminated Kaposi's sarcoma (KS), disseminated ytomegalovirus (CMV), extensive oral and vaginal candidiasis, oral herpes simplex infection, chronic draining ulcers in the lower extremities, and an infection called Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare (MAI). In six months, she was cured of MAI, her KS skin lesions began to dry up, and she could walk again.

    The tea was made from the leaves of hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), blessed thistle, and Tinnevelly senna (Cassia angustfolia). Cornell University Medical College researcher Willi Kreis and colleagues investigated the anti-HIV activities of the tea's ingredients. They found no anti-HIV activity associated with extracts of thistle or Cassia angustfolia. However, this is what they reported:

    "Crude aqueous extracts of hyssop inhibited syncytium formation and cellular expression of HIV p17 and p24 antigens without toxicity to Molt-3 cells.

    "Hyssop extracts contain caffeic acid, unidentified tannins, and possibly a third class of unidentified higher molecular weight compounds that exhibit strong anti-HIV activity and may be useful in the treatment of patients with AIDS," the researchers concluded. Viral replication was inhibited without any negative effects on T-cell counts or normal immune function. The plant also displayed a similar antiviral effect against herpes simplex I, the strain that causes cold sores.

    "Hyssop is an herb noted for its anti-yeast, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral ability," Willie Southall wrote in Superior Healing Power. "It means that people don't have to fear ill heath anymore, be it arthritis, bells palsy, colds, flu, diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, herpes, hypertension, panic attacks, shingles, MS, headaches, pain relief and even social diseases with a simple food with no side effects."

    "Indians used it to benefit cavities, Tibetan Priests offered hyssop to their deities during sacred services and Persians used a concoction of the herb as a lotion to help give a fine color to the skin."

    Hyssop has a strongly camphorlike, medicinal odor. It has been used as a cleansing herb for all of the following:

    You can get Hyssop in any health food store.


    Sun Farm Vegetable Soup

    A recent study published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer shows a substantial increase in survival time and an improved quality of life with a daily dose of an herbal vegetable broth. The results suggest that, when taken daily, in addition to the patient's regimen of chemotherapy or radiation, the broth might help patients with advanced-stage lung cancer live longer and healthier lives.

    The broth–which contains herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, lentils, and vegetables–was developed by Dr. Alexander Sun, a biochemist at the Connecticut Institute on Aging and Cancer. Compared to patients who only received chemotherapy, a group of patients who also ate the broth increased their lives by nearly 1 year.

    Dr. Sun's investigation of the broth began when his own mother discovered she had an advanced- stage case of non-small-cell lung cancer. Faced with the same news of certain death that confronts nearly 400,000 people every year in the Western world, Dr. Sun began a quest to concoct a complementary herbal treatment.

    After months of treatment with conventional radiation and chemotherapy, Dr. Sun's mother saw little improvement. When she began taking her son's broth, however, her condition actually began to turn around.

    Since Dr. Sun knew his story would sound like a fairy tale to most oncologists, he decided to put the broth to the test of science. During his search for a collaborating partner, Dr. Sun came across a scientist who was so enthusiastic about the broth that he offered to help conduct the study at a hospital in his home country, the Czech Republic.

    In general, the most advanced non-small-cell lung cancers are extremely fatal: Most patients die within 6 months. In Dr. Sun's study, however, patients taking the broth survived, on average, 15 months, a remarkable difference


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