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This page presents information about the kinds of chemicals and parasite that infect your body and how to get rid of them. It also covers other physical types of therapies including massages, showers, poultices, exercise, and external routines.

Cleansing the Intestines

Read this paper on cleansing the intestinal tract NOW. It is a full explanation about how the intestinal tract works and why cleansing is important. This is a huge file (3M), and you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it. If you click the link, it will download the file and launch Acrobat reader. If the paper won't come up for you to view, right-click the link, click SAVE AS, save it to your hard drive in a download directory, then browse to that file with explorer and left click it. Acrobat will then load and let you view the file.

Carcinogenic Chemicals

Many chemicals are known carcinogens, too. Most of these are solvents, and you will read about how solvents promote the growth of parasites and thereby cause cancer later on in this paper.

Chemicals Recognized as Human Carcinogens

Industrial Exposures


2-Naphthylamine Urinary Bladder
Benzidine Urinary Bladder
4-Aminobiphenyl Urinary Bladder
Bis (chlormethyl) ether Lungs
Bis (2-chloroethyl) sulfide (mustard gas) Respiratory Tract
Vinyl Chloride Liver Mesenchyme
Certain tars, soots and oils Skin and Lungs
Chromium Compounds Lungs
Nickel Compounds Lungs and Nasal Sinuses
Asbestos Pleura, peritoneum (lungs when combined with cigarette smoking)
Benzene Lymphoid Tissue

Medical Exposures


N, N-bis (2-Chloroethyl)-2-naphthyl- amine Urinary Bladder
Diethylstilbestrol Vagina
Inorganic Arsenic Compounds Skin
Melphalan Lymphoid Tissue

Societal Exposures


Cigarette Smoke Lungs, urinary tract, other
Betal Nut and Tobacco Quid Buccal Mucosa


Blood/Fluid Cleanse

"Blood Cleansing" is my term for a special process you cannot do yourself, but for which you require medical and other assistance.  It entails taking a sample of your blood, injecting it into another animal, allowing that animal to develop antigens against any disease entities within your blood, then withdrawing the blood or milk from that animal, and injecting it back into you.  This process allows your own blood to work in concert with that of another animal to counteract your disease, and it might work effectively on diseases other than cancer.

One of the increasingly popular corollary techniques for this process is to inject your blood into a cow's udder 21 days before she delivers a calf, and then taking the colostrum (milk-like substance) from the cow within the first 2 or 3 days after the calf is delivered.  You would then drink the colostrum.


Parasite Cleanse

The parasite cleansing process is age-old, but a new slant on it comes from research by nutritionist Hulda Clark, PhD, N.D author of book The Cure for All Cancers and The Cure for All Diseases (619) 423-7500), The books are available in health food stores. She has demonstrated that cancer is coincident with the presence of intestinal flukes (flatworms) in the liver. Indeed MANY kinds of flukes and other parasites are hosted by the human body, and a preponderance of them is sure to cause disease. To give it to you in her own words (Pay ATTENTION to this):

"The human species is now heavily infested with the fluke family of parasites, particularly the intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis Buski or Fasciolopsis Buskii, but also the sheep liver fluke Fasciola hepatica, the pancreatic fluke of cattle Eurytrema pancreatica, and the human liver fluke Clonorchis sinensis. This increase is due to the establishment of a new "biological reservoir" in cattle, fowl and household pets. In the presence of solvents, these flukes can complete their entire life cycle in the human body, not requiring a snail as an intermediate host, as they usually do. These solvents are isopropyl alcohol, benzene, methanol, xylene, toluene and others which occur as residues in our foods and pollute our body products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions and cosmetics. These solvents are also contaminants of animal feed, and thus are responsible for establishing this new reservoir or source of infection.

"Different solvents accumulate preferentially in different organs. Isopropyl alcohol accumulates in the liver, resulting in completion of the life cycle of Fasciolopsis in the liver. This establishes the cancerous process, namely the production of the mitotic stimulant, ortho-phospho-tyrosine. Ortho-phospho-tyrosine and a variety of growth factors are produced in the human host organs, possibly for the parasites' own use, inadvertently including the human tissue in its sphere of influence. The presence of an adult fluke in the liver signals the production of ortho-phospho-tyrosine in a distant organ. This organ appears to be chosen on the basis of copper and fungus presence as well as ordinary carcinogens.

"The difference between persons who accumulate isopropyl alcohol and those who metabolize it promptly is the presence of aflatoxin B in the former. The coincidence of aflatoxin B and isopropyl alcohol in the liver results in the formation of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). HCG becomes widespread throughout the body and is followed by ortho-phospho-tyrosine formation. Aflatoxins are contaminants of our foods and may also be produced in situ by the growing mycelia of Aspergillus varieties. Such mycelial growths are only seen in the presence of copper!

"Vitamin C assists in detoxification of aflatoxin B. This may explain the observations of Linus Pauling and others that vitamin C can eradicate some cancers.

"Removal of isopropyl alcohol, copper and mycotoxins from the patient's lifestyle and destruction of all fluke stages as well as elimination of undercooked meats and dairy products in the diet results in quick recovery, generally less than one week, from cancers of all kinds. Cancer could be eradicated in a very short time by clearing our food animals and household pets of fluke parasites and by monitoring all food and feed for solvents. Stopping consumption of mycotoxins and ceasing use of copper water pipes must also be done.

"Since developmental stages of the intestinal fluke are found in blood, breast milk, the saliva, semen, and urine and can be seen directly in these body fluids using a low power microscope, it follows that this parasite can be sexually transmitted and also transmitted by kissing on the mouth and breast feeding. However, the recipient would develop cancer only if isopropyl alcohol were accumulated in his or her body, as a result of aflatoxin consumption."

The normal life cycle of the intestinal fluke goes like this:

Fasciolopsis Buski Life Cycle


Normal Life Cycle

1 Egg Expelled with bowel movement onto soil. Washed by rain into ponds.
2 Miracidia Hatches from egg in water. Has cilia, can swim vigorously and must find intermediate snail host in one to two hours or may be too exhausted to invade.
3 Redia Develop inside miracidia as little balls until expelled. Those are "mother" redia, and each one bears "daughter" redia for up to 8 months, all still inside the snail, and living on the fluids in the lymphatic spaces. Similarly, daughter redia are continually developing cercaria.
4 Cercaria Have a tail, use it to exit from snail and swim to a plant. If the snail is feeding on a plant, cercaria can latch onto plant with sucker mouth and start to encyst (form a "cocoon") within minutes. Tail breaks off and swims away to dissolve.
5 Metacercaria Two-walled cysts. The outer wall is very sticky. But as you eat the plant it is stuck to, the least pressure will break it, leaving the cyst in the mouth. The "almost unbreakable" inner cyst wall protects it from chewing, and the keratin-like coat prevents digestion by stomach juices. However when it reaches the duodenum, contact with intestinal juices dissolves away the cyst-wall and frees it. It then fastens itself to the intestinal lining and begins to develop into an adult.
6 Adult Lives in your intestine and can produce 1000 eggs per bowel movement and live many years.

Below are photos of other parasites that bite, chew, and suck on you from the inside.

You get some form of the fluke into your body by eating infected food or by unclean living habits, such as letting your dog or cat lick you, kissing someone infected, not washing hands, etc. The parasite-cancer cycle goes something like this:

  1. The adult fluke attaches to your intestine walls.
  2. It lays an egg
  3. The egg hatches a miracidia, a swimming microbe with many little legs
  4. The miracidia goes through lesions in the intestines into the blood to the liver
  5. The liver kills it if it can, but if it cannot, the process continues
  6. The miracidia lays ball-shaped redia eggs
  7. Each redia hatches 40 more redia
  8. Each redia grows a tail and becomes a cercaria
  9. The cercaria swims in body fluids (blood, etc) to an organ
  10. The cercarua attaches to the tissue in that organ and loses its tail
  11. The resulting metacercaria grows a hard shell around it.
  12. Propyl alcohol, benzene, and other solvents in the body dissolve the shell
  13. The resulting baby fluke emits a powerful growth enzyme ortho-phospho-tyrosine
  14. The enzyme promotes rapid and uncontrolled cell growth in surrounding tissue
  15. The new growth has the characteristics of the organ it is growing in, for a while
  16. At some time the growth becomes completely unlike the organ it is in
  17. As a result the organ's normal function is diminished and ultimately destroyed
  18. This adversely affects other organs
  19. HIV is a virus that comes from inside the intestinal fluke fasciolopsis buskii
  20. Meanwhile the liver gets infested with flukes that contain bacteria and viruses
  21. Foreign matter in the liver form bile-coated bacteria-centered clumps (possibly dead flukes)
  22. These "stones" clog the byways of the liver
  23. Seven kinds of stones form from crystal and toxin deposits in the kidneys and bladder
  24. The liver and kidneys become completely overwhelmed and cannot remove toxins
  25. The body, poisoned and having disintegrated organs, wastes away and dies

You can stop this process and cure the cancer by killing the parasites in all their forms, and preventing them from returning. So, you need the parasite cleanse and related treatment. The process consists of

  1. Get parasites out of the body and keep them out
  2. Get benzene, wood alcohol, propyl alcohol, and aflatoxins out of the body
  3. Eat a healthy diet.

Get rid of parasites by eating freshly ground cloves (buy whole cloves and grind them yourself), tincture of green hulls of black walnuts, and wormwood (Artemisia absynthium) leaves (buy from a herb supplier or grow in your garden – it is a poison and not sold as a food). You should do a 2-3 week cure with daily doses of teaspoon of fresh ground cloves, teaspoon of walnut hull tincture, and 1 teaspoon of wormwood leaves. You may need to work up to it gradually. It will not make you sick, but the dead and dying parasites will shed bacteria, viruses, and toxins such as ammonia that can make you sick and sleepless. Take 3 capsules of ornithine and arginine nightly to counteract the effect of the ammonia and get some sleep.

After the initial parasite cleanse, maintain a weekly regimine of teaspoon of freshly ground cloves, teaspoons of powdered wormwood leaves, and 2 teaspoons of green tincture of black walnut hulls. Read Hulda Clark's books for the full details on how to eliminate parasites. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOUR HEALTH, whether you have cancer or not.

Please note that kids and pets have parasites too, and they GIVE THEM TO YOU. So get them cleansed. Read the book for their regimens.

Get rid of solvents by removing them from house (incl perfume, hair spray, deodorents, paint remover, contaminated food, etc). Read Hulda Clark's books for details.

Stop eating moldy foods or any kinds of foods that put a strain on the liver.

Get the cleanse ingredients from Clearwater Herbs, (813) 449-0772, or from Self-Health Resource Center, (800) 873-1663, (619) 429-4408). Buy Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Diseases, and get full details for yourself.

Kidney and Liver Cleanse

A major problem with people who have cancer is that their livers cannot properly detoxify their bodies. A major reason for this is damage by parasites and blockage by "stones". There are several kinds of stones, and they are found by the thousands in the bile ducts and byways of the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. The stones are irregular but elongated in shape and vary in size. At the center of each is a mass of bacteria, and that bacteria is not friendly to the body. It is unlikely that a body with cancer can easily recuperate when the body is being poisoned by toxins and bacteria resulting from stones in the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder. These stones are known to cause upper back and shoulder pain, including bursitis.

Dr. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Diseases explains in detail how to cleanse the kidneys and liver (and as a by product, the gall bladder), and her cleansing program will get rid of most if not all the stones, WITHOUT surgery. It is not difficult or complicated, but it is a program that lasts from 6 weeks to two months. She recommends it to be done at least twice a year. And she recommends it be done only after the parasite cleanse.

The kidney cleanse consists of:

Soak the roots in 10 cups filtered water in covered non-metal container for 4 hours. Heat to boiling and simmer 20 minutes. Drink 1/4 cup when cool enough. Strain the rest through bamboo strainer into sterile pint jar and several freezable containers. Refrigerate the jar.

Rinse the fresh parsley then boil it in 1 1/2 quarts water for 3 minutes. Drink 1/4 cup when cool enough. Refrigerate half the remainder and freeze the other half. Discard the parsley.

Dose: each morning, pour together 3/4 cup of the root mixture and 1/2 cup parsley water to fill a large mug. Add 2 tablespoons black cherry concentrate, 20 drops of goldenrod tincture, and 1 tablespoon of glycerine. Keep the mix cold and drink in divided doses throughout the day, not all at once. Also take 3 ginger capsules a day (mealtimes); one Uva Ursi capsule with breakfast and 2 with dinner; one B6 tablet a day, and one magnesium oxide tablet a day.

Liver Cleanse

Your liver contains a large number of bile ducts. Among other things the bile removes toxins from the blood and dumps them into the intestines.

ALL cancer patients suffer from liver insufficiency. It simply cannot detoxify the body. In addition to bile duct blockage by liver stones, it is overwhelmed by the process of converting lactic acid from cancer cells into glucose. Usually it is damaged from infestation by parasites and chemicals like alcohol. You should take botanical remedies that stimulate liver function. Among those to consider are Celandine (Chelidonium), Podophyllum, Boldocynara, Lycopodium, barberry, and Vitamin C.

In addition, you need to remove the liver stones that clog the bile ducts. The stones are irregular but elongated in shape and vary in size. At the center of each is a mass of bacteria which poisons the body. The stones are known to cause upper back and shoulder pain, including bursitis, AND they prevent proper detoxification. Dr. Hulda Clark’s book The Cure for All Diseases explains in detail how to get rid of liver stones. Her cure is summarized here. You should cleanse your liver twice a year using the following procedure.

List of Ingredients for Liver Cleanse

Epsom salts 4 tablespoons
Olive Oil half cup (light olive oil is easier to get down)
Fresh pink grapefruit 1 large or 2 small, enough to squeeze 2/3 to 3/4 cup juice
Ornithine 4 to 8 300mg capsules, to be sure you can sleep. Don’t skip this or you may have the worst night of your life!
Large plastic straw To help drink potion
Pint jar with lid  

Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse, since you will be able to rest the next day.

How well did you do? Expect diarrhea in the morning. Use a flash light to look for gallstones in the toilet with the bowel movement. Look for the green kind since this is proof that they are genuine gallstones, not food residue. Only bile from the liver is pea green. The bowel movement sinks but gallstones float because of the cholesterol inside. Count them all roughly, whether tan or green. You will need to total 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to rid you of allergies or bursitis or upper back pains permanently. The first cleanse may rid you of them for a few days, but as the stones from the rear travel forward, they give the same symptoms again. You may repeat cleanses at two week intervals. Never cleanse when you are ill. Sometimes the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. They appear as a "chaff" floating on top of the toilet bowl water. It may be tan colored, harboring millions of tiny white crystals. Cleansing this chaff is just as important as purging stones.

How safe is the liver cleanse? It is very safe. Dr. Clark’s opinion is based on over 500 cases, including many persons in their seventies and eighties. None went to the hospital; none even reported pain. However it can make you feel quite ill for one or two days afterwards, although in every one of these cases, the maintenance parasite program had been neglected. This is why the instructions direct you to complete the parasite and kidney rinse programs first.

Congratulations! You have just taken out your gallstones without surgery! This procedure contradicts many modern medical viewpoints. Gallstones are thought to be formed in the gallbladder, not the liver. They are thought to be few, not thousands. They are not linked to pains other than gallbladder attacks. It is easy to understand why this is thought: by the time you have acute pain attacks, some stones are in the gallbladder, are big enough to see on X-ray, and have caused inflammation there. When the gallbladder is removed the acute attacks are gone, but the bursitis and other pains and digestive problems remain.

The truth is self-evident. People who have had their gallbladder surgically removed still get plenty of green, bile-coated stones, and anyone who cares to dissect their stones can see the concentric circles and crystals of cholesterol match textbook pictures of "gallstones" exactly.


Colloidal Copper, Silver, Gold

A "colloidal" mineral is a solution of ionized water in which microscopic, electrically charged particles of the mineral are suspended. A proper colloidal solution of the best quality is clear. Lower quality solutions are colored darker and are to be avoided. The colloidal minerals are more easily absorbed by the body to perform their work.


Gold Symbol: Au Description: Soft bright yellow transition metal.
Atomic Number: 79 Name origin: Latin aurum, Old English geolo (yellow)
Atomic Weight: 196.96654 Shells: 2,8,18,32,18,1
Group: Trans. Metal Filling orbital: 5d10
Crystal Structure: Cubic face centered Covalent radius: 1.34
Oxidation States: +1,+3 Atomic radius: 1.79
Electronegativity, Pauling: 2.54 Atomic volume: 10.2 cm/mol
State at RT: Solid First ionization potential: 9.225 V
Melting Point: 1337.58K 2nd ionization potential: 20.521 V
Boiling Point: 3080K 3rd ionization potential: ?
Density @ 293K: 19.32 g/cm Specific heat: 0.128 J/gK
Electrical conductivity: 0.452 106/cm ohm Heat of vaporization: 334.40 kJ/mol
Thermal conductivity: 3.17 W/cmK Heat of fusion: 12.550
Sources: Found in veins in the crust, with cooper ore and native
Uses: Very malleable. Used in electronics, jewelry and coins

Colloidal Silver kills germs and parasites, and it a big boost to the immune system. It is a natural antibiotic. There is no disease causing bacteria that can live in the presence of even minute traces of metallic silver.

Gold. Colloidal gold is known for its powers as an anti-inflammatory. It has been known to be effective for easing the pains and swellings of arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, and tendonitis. In former times it was used to quell the cravings for alcohol, and has been used as a remedy for digestive disorders, circulatory problems, depression, obesity, and burns. It is reputed to be a powerful glandular rejuvenant with life extension and brain function enhancing possibilities.

Copper. Colloidal Copper has been used as a remedy for grey hair, burns, arthritis, parasites, and viral and bacterial infections.


Copper - Symbol Cu
Atomic Number 29
Atomic Weight 63.546
Oxidation States +1,+2
Electronegativity, Pauling 1.9
State at RT Solid, Metal
Melting Point, K 1356.6
Boiling Point, K 2840

Silver. Silver was used as a proven germ fighter in the early 1900's. It was the mainstay of antibiotic treatment, and today's technology is even more superior. The medical journal Lancet reported phenomenal results from colloidal silver in 1914. Dr. Henry Crooks showed colloidal silver to be highly germicidal yet absolutely harmless and non-toxic to humans.


Silver Symbol: Ag Description: Soft Silver Metal
Atomic Number: 47 Name origin: Latin arrgentum, Old English seolfor
Atomic Weight: 107.868 Shells: 2,8,18,18,1
Group: Trans. Metal Filling orbital: 4d10
Crystal Structure: Cubic face centered Covalent radius: 1.34
Oxidation States: +1 Atomic radius: 1.75
Electronegativity, Pauling: 1.93 Atomic volume: 10.3 cm/mol
State at RT: Solid First ionization potential: 7.576 V
Melting Point: 1235K 2nd ionization potential: 21.49 V
Boiling Point: 2485K 3rd ionization potential: 34.83 V
Density @ 293K: 10.5 g/cm Specific heat: 0.235 J/gK
Electrical conductivity: 0.630 106/cm ohm Heat of vaporization: 250.580 kJ/mol
Thermal conductivity: 4.29 W/cmK Heat of fusion: 11.30 kJ/mol
Sources: argentite (AgS), light ruby silver (Ag3AsS3) ), dark ruby silver (Ag3SbS3) and brittle silver
Uses: Used in alloys for jewelry, in other compounds for photography & electronics

Colloidal Silver has been proven useful against all species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and certain viruses, which are often killed within minutes. LC For, MD at the UCLA School of Medicine reported in 1988 that silver solutions were effective against Streptococcus, Pyogenes, Staphylococcus Aures, Neisseria Gonorrhea, Garnerella, Vaginalis, Salmonella Typhu and other enteric pathogens. He also found that it was fungicidal for Candida Albicans, Candida Globata and M. Furfur. Science Digest reported in an article in 1978, entitled "Our Mightiest Germ Fighter" that "silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine." Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. stated, "we have rediscovered the fact that silver kills bacteria, which had been known for centuries...when antibiotics were discovered, uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded."

Silver is known to kill 650 different kinds of pathogens, such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, streptococcus and many others, by inhibiting the enzyme which allow their oxygen metabolism. And it does so in minutes, safely, with no side effect. Colloidal silver is particularly effective against lyme disease, and candida yeast infections, and is being used to treat aids and cancer (Dr Paul Farber, Houston Texas).

You can buy colloidal silver at any health food store. You can also buy electrolysis machines that break up real silver bars into the particles and suspend them in water. If you buy the colloidal silver water in a store, it is expensive. If you buy your own device, you can make the colloidal silver water very inexpensively.

Many conditions have benefited from the use of Colloidal Silver, such as gastritis, malaria, parasitic infections, psoriasis, eye, ear and mouth infections, yeast infections, either with internal or external use. Colloidal Silver has been as well very successful in veterinary use, for instance the dreaded canine parvo virus. Or you can use a diluted solution either to spray on plant leaves or to treat the soil. And you can purify a gallon of water in 6 minutes by adding 1/2 teaspoon of Colloidal Silver. Colloidal silver is a known cancer-fighter because it kills the parasites and germs that cause cancer.

Typical concentrations are five parts of silver per million parts of water. Higher concentrations may be less effective as they may interfere with beneficial bacteria and cause skin discoloration, even when used internally. You should look for product that is CLEAR, not brown. Yellow is better than brown. Discoloration comes from mineral salts (argyra) resulting from the chemical manufacturing process. It is better made with a electrical process. Consult a medical doctor or nutritionist for cancer treatment dosage.

You can buy a high-voltage colloidal silver maker (one of the best) from CS 'PRO' Systems, Route 7, Box 510GG, San Antonio, Texas 78264, Telephone: (210) 626-2546 - FAX: (210) 626-0282.

Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Many therapists believe that cancer cells cannot thrive in the presence of ozone (O2). For a fact, bacteria and viruses cannot, which explains why hydrogen peroxide (H202) is good for treating wounds. The difficulty is getting the ozone into the blood stream. There are three ways to do it:

  1. Use an ozone machine to inject ozone into the body orifices
  2. Drink hydrogen peroxide or ozone treated water
  3. Inject it into the blood stream (should be done only in the clinic)

Ozone therapy was widely accepted by the top medical authorities in the US from 1900 until 1932. In 1929, a book was published under the auspices of all the leading hospitals in America, listing the treatment of 140 diseases with ozone. In 1932, however,Dr Fishbein became the head of the AMA and he set out to eliminate all competition to pharmaceuticals. (It is interesting to note that this word has its origin in the Greek word pharmakon, meaning poison. The word antibiotic means against life.) With this active opposition, all forms of electrotherapy, including ozone, were suppressed in the US and remain so today.

Ozone can be seen as a form of electrotherapy, because ozone is oxygen plus electricity. When electricity was discovered in the 1700's, scientists were convinced that it was the spark of life and attempted to introduce it into patients' bodies, but only succeeded in shocking them. Nicolo Tesla stated that electricity needed a carrier to enter the human body, and the only carrier is oxygen.

Ozone is created by passing oxygen over an electric arc. Ozone "machines" use a glass or stainless tube with an electrode in it that creates an arc, and the tube is attached to an oxygen bottle under 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure. It has a "burnt air" smell. You should not breathe it because the heavy concentration of O2 can burn (or oxidize) the lung tissue.

Twenty-Two Methods of Administering Ozone

In the Clinic

In the Home or Clinic

1. Autohemotherapy 12. Rectal insufflation
2. intravenous injection 13. Vaginal insufflation
3. intra-arterial injection 14. Drinking water
4. direct injection into a tumour 15. In the ear
5. intracutaneous (blistering) 16. ozonated water enema
6. subcutaneous 17. breathing through olive oil
7. intramuscular 18. deep lymphatic massage with ozonated olive oil
8. uterine insufflation 19. ozonated bath in sea salt
9. bladder insufflation 20. body suit
10. subatmospheric bagging 21. steam cabinet
11. dental use of ozonated water 22. external limb bagging

Note: Methods 12 through 15 are the most popular.

The cheapest ozonation method to use hydrogen peroxide. Use only food grade with 35% concentration because pharmacy grade (what you buy off the drug store shelf for wounds) is only 3% concentration. Put 3 drops in a small glass of water 3 times a day and work your way up a drop a day to 25 drops per glass. Drink it immediately.

Therapy centers can put H202 into your blood directly. The typical cost is $50 to $100 per session and several sessions will be required. Consult a local therapist for more information (see our reference list for a suggestion).

Ozone machines or kits cost from $1000 to $3000, and come with a briefcase, a couple of oxygen bottles, the tube and regulator assembly, and a variety of attachments. Some even come with a space suit that oxygenates your whole body.


Garlic Poultice with Hot/Cold Shower and Massage

This treatment may be effective on cancer tumors at or near the surface of the skin because it is brutal on them and kills them or rips them out of your body. Cancer is tough on you, so you need to be tough on it. The below technique seems brutal, and it is.

Garlic kills cancer. It is a very potent herb that will burn your skin if you pack it on directly in a poultice and leave it there more than two or three hours, although slippery elm bark applied in castor oil to the skin beforehand can reduce blistering. Internally, you need to flood your body with it by eating 5 to 10 cloves a day. But, it can also be used topically, directly applied to or above the infected area, if you dilute its potency and make it more soothing. To treat cancer topically, whether skin cancer, breast cancer, or brain cancer, you need to do three things, and I advise doing under a doctor's care:

1. Kill the cancer cells directly with a garlic poultice.

2. Increase blood flow to the affected area and lymph flow from the affected area. The lymph system is like the body tissue''s sewer system. If it is clogged up or dysfunctional, the affected area cannot detoxify, and that may be the reason you have cancer to begin with. For example, most women who have breast cancer also wear a restrictive brassiere. This cuts off blood and lymph to some extent, and to that extent it puts the breasts in jeopardy. You should not wear a bra if you have breast cancer, and if you do anyway, it should be made only of cotton or silk, and should be loose enough to avoid restricting blood and lymph flow.

3. Massage the tumor vigorously to break it loose and force blood and lymph flow in it.

A Garlic poultice will kill cancer cells, even if applied over the skin above the affected area, sometimes even for deep tumors. The garlic soaks all the way down into the flesh, but it also blisters the flesh. To make the poultice, peel and crush several cloves of garlic. Add an ounce of slippery elm bark and an ounce or two of castor oil or olive oil and mix well. Pack the mix onto a piece of gauze soaked in castor oil. Massage the affected area with castor oil oil, then put the gauze directly onto the affected area, with the garlic mix between the gauze and the skin. If the affected area is supporating or bleeding, as some tumors and skin cancers are, the garlic will create immediate agony of pain. You may want to sprinkle cayenne pepper powder with a disinfectant directly onto the wound to stanch bleeding before applying the poultice. Cayenne will also reduce shock to the area. Then cover the gauze with a sheet of plastic to keep it from messing up the bedding. Wrap a gauze bandage or a sheet around the affected area of the body to hold the poultice in place, and go to sleep. It is best to do this at night. In the morning, get up and go into the shower. Rinse the area well. If it is blistered, do not rub on it, and after you pat yourself dry, let it air out to heal. Repeat this poultice every two or three days, allowing surface healing time, till the tumor goes away.

Increasing the blood flow is accomplished not only by the daily double dose of cayenne pepper, but also by hot and cold showers directly on the affected area. To do the showers, use the technique in the topic that follows this one. Take a normal shower in the morning after removing and discarding the garlic poultice. This will also clean the wound, if any, which may be stinking badly because of the rotten flesh in it. Then do the hot/cold shower routine. You will feel invigorated afterward, even though it may seem torturous while you are doing it.

While in the shower, massage the tumor area vigorously. Not gingerly, but ROUGHLY. Yes, it will HURT, badly, but this kind of massage can break the tumor loose from surrounding tissue, especially if a garlic poultice has been used for the past several days or weeks. There have been cases of donut-shaped breast cancer tumors that were attached to the chest wall being removed and simply wrenched off the chest and out of the breast area using this technique. Naturally, something like this should be done under a doctor's care, but one should not be afraid to do it. There are several reasons for this.

1. What is it going to do, kill you or make you lose a breast? Your breast and life are at risk anyway.

2. The cancer tumor will only spread if you don't get rid of it. There are drugs like hydrazine sulfate that will shrink the tumor, but it will not kill it like constantly subjecting it to massage, garlic, cayene, and hot/cold showers will.

3. The area is already infected and perhaps even rotting, and it is poisoning the rest of your body. Something needs to be done to clean it up.

4. If you catch it early enough, surgery may not be necessary, AND you may be able to save the affected body part. Many times this treatment will kill the cancer and induce normal tissue to grow back.

Once the tumor is gone, you should stop the rough treatment.

Hot and Cold Showers

Hot/Cold showers are the single most invigorating therapy you can apply in the normal course of your life, without doing anything "extra" or out of the way of your routine. Alternately flowing ice cold and steamy hot water onto the body is a powerful way of improving blood and lympth circulation in the body. When you improve circulation, you improve the ability of the body to heal itself. The normal healing process requires good circulation - carrying nutirents to the cells via blood, and removing certain toxins via the lymph and blood. And yet poor circulation is one thing most people who are sick have in common.

Hot/cold showers seem torturous while you are doing them, the first few times you do them. But after a week or so, you will crave them. And the best thing is that they are easy to do . All you have to do is turn the handle.

The hot water brings the blood to the surface. The cold drives it down deep. This will increase blood flow to the area, oxygenate the diseased area, and help it to heal. And don't worry if it makes you want to scream while you are doing it. Go ahead and scream. That's probably therapeutic too. Jump and squirm (but hold on so you don't slip and hurt yourself). Yell and hoot. Have a good time because you are healing yourself.

If you don't have a shower, use the bathtub. You can even put ice in it. If the water can't get hot enough, boil some on the stove and add it to the tub. If you live up north and it is winter, go jump naked in the snow, and roll around. Then come inside and plunge into the hot tub.

You should do these showers every day whether you are sick or not. And you should accompany them by having a couple of teaspoons of cayenne pepper in your mouth, chewed up, and followed by a glass of water BEFORE you get in the shower. This will accelerate your blood flow, and open the capillaries, getting them ready for the additional action of the shower.

Detoxification Tonic Formula

Therapeutic Action: This formula is a very powerful blood and lymph cleansing formula and the one that I used for almost 20 years in my clinic. Every patient I treated and put on my 5 day cleansing and detoxification program consumed 1 bottle of this formula during the week of this program.

Formula: Red Clover blossoms, Mojave Chaparral herb and resin, Oregon Grape root, Burdock root and seed, Yellow Dock root, Goldenseal root, Garlic Juice, Lobelia seeds & Cayenne.

Dosage: 2 dropperfuls (70 drops) 4 to 6 times a day for a week or during the 5-day cleansing program or as described in the new incurables program. Mix with a few ounces of grape juice to make it go down easier. Drink 64-128 ounces of liquid a day.

This formula is based on the famous Hoxey Formula, Dr. Christopher's Red Clover Tonic formula and many similar formulae from around the world.

It works best if used along with my 5-day cleansing program. If you use it otherwise, just make sure to consume a gallon of water, juice and herbal tea each day you use it.

After one of the late Dr. John Christopher's arrests (yes, the FDA's KancerKops busted him for saying he could "cure people", he was instructed to never use the word cancer again. In a private conversation regarding Red Clover Blossoms he said, "I just can't help myself, Red Clover is the antidote for Cancer."

The herbs in this formula are strong in taste, and very effective detoxifiers. Every patient I saw with chronic illness or degeneration used this formula with great success.

You can get this formula from Southern Botanicals.

Restrictive Clothing (Let the Puppies Breathe)

Research has shown that restrictive clothing can cut off proper circulation of blood and lymph, and thereby participate in the onset of cancer or other diseases. This is especially true of women's brassieres. You can read Singer and Grismaijer's book Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras (ISBN # 0-89529-664-0, Avery Publishing Group, 1995) for full details about the studies. They showed that women who wear a bra more than 12 hours a day have a dramatic likelihood of developing Fibrocystic breast disease. You can visit http://www.www.selfstudycenter.org for a bibliography.

When the body is compressed by a garment, the first system that is effected is the low pressure lymphatic system. This microscopic network of thin-walled vessels removes fluid, toxins, and debris from the tissues, carrying the material to lymph nodes. These nodes are filters and producers of white blood cells that combat infections and cancer cells. In brief, the lymphatic vessels and nodes make up the immune system’s circulatory pathway. Interference with the lymphatic system causes fluid congestion within the tissue, and results in tissue toxification and degeneration.

Dr. Gregory Heigh of Florida found that over 90% of women with fibrocystic diseases improve their condition when they stop wearing their brassieres. Without a bra, the breasts move with each step. This action tends to flush toxins from the breast areas through the lymph system. Large concentrations of lymph nodes lie just under and in the armpit, and some bras so severely restrict lymph action that trouble can result. Women who exercise have less chance of getting breast cancer. But the likelihood of getting breast cancer is increased by wearing a bra to bed. The good doctor also asserts that wearing a bra can make the breasts sag even more than they otherwise would because the bra prevents the chest muscles from getting the proper exercise, and so they tend to atrophy, causing more droop.

Many women feel that they need to wear a bra in order to be socially acceptable or to elevate sagging breasts so as to be more appealing to men and challenging (or competitive) to other women. While these might seem to be good justifications, they nevertheless increase the risk of breast cancer. Beside that, most men prefer to watch women's breasts "in action", and I share the sentiment. To all, I say "Shuck the bras" and Let the Puppies Breathe!. While you are at it, do things that let the breasts move around and enjoy the cleansing. It is for the good of mankind.

For your information, here are the statistics shown in the book:

Why You Should "Let the Puppies Breathe"
Hours in a Bra Per Day Chance of Breast Cancer
24 75.00% (3 out of 4)
>12 (but not to bed) 14.28% (1 out of 7)
<12 00.66% (1 out of 152)
0 (or rarely) 00.60% (1 out of 168)


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