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PROGRAMS:  San Diego Clinic

Dear Friends:

We are happy to announce San Diego Clinic; the only Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico that works with Biological and Immunological Therapies; despite recent advances in Chemotherapy (with new drugs, less invasive and aggressive) and Radiotherapy (with the new axial accelerator and IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) the development of alternative therapies that retain activity against drug-resistant tumors remains a high priority.

Our knowledge regarding growth factors, cytokines, and immune response modifiers continues to expand, and molecular biology has provided an increased diversity of reagents for clinical evaluation and treatment.

Over 10 years ago Biological therapies started attracting the attention of several groups of doctors and investigators, the first Cytokines produced in the Laboratory for the use as BRM's (Biological Response Modifiers) were IFN (Interferons, alpha, beta and gamma), and the IL (Interleukins) in the treatment of several types of cancer (Colon cancer, kidney cancer, kaposi's sarcoma and hairy cell leukemia and some non-Hodgkin's lymphomas); and the recent discoveries of MOABs (Monoclonal Antibodies) like Herceptin and Rituxan, for the treatments of breast cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

San Diego Clinic has been on the vanguard of these discoveries for many years, as well other therapies not yet approved by the FDA but with high certification in other countries through good known Universities and Hospitals.

These are the therapies used in San Diego Clinic to treat cancer

BRM's (Biologic Response Modifiers) which are Cytokines that produce specifically TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor (Beta). We work specifically with the Cytokines produced by Dr. Ben Pepermaster who is a scientist with extensive credibility in United States; he worked in several publications and articles along with the Cancer Research Center at the University of Missouri since the early 1980's. Dr. Pepermaster moved to San Diego, California in 1996 and started to work with a Mexico pharmaceutical company to produce this product correctly in high quality and seeking the approval of Mexico regulation system and eventually the approval of the FDA in United States (the studies are already in Phase III).

Behind Dr. Pepermaster, Mr. Brian Baldwin (from Baxa Co.) is coordinating the studies and the distribution of the product only with a few prestigious Clinics to treat Cancer (all stages) and some Degenerative diseases.

T/Tn Antigen (Neo-Springer vaccine), this product is produced by people who worked along with Dr. Georg Springer who died in 1998, and was pioneer of the T/Tn Antigen discovery, In 1974, Dr. Springer had his first opportunity to test his experimental Vaccine when his wife, Heather Blight, developed Breast cancer and was told she had only a year to live. After receiving the T/Tn Vaccine (Springer Vaccine), however she lived a full 6 years.

Carcinoma cell (cancer cells) are covered with Sialic acid (which also serves as a carcinoma marker for diagnostic purposes) and this helps hide the cancer from the immune system. Sialic acid is not particular immunogenic. T/Tn antigens (Neo-Springer Vaccine) are covalently attached to immunogenes in order to induce and immune response; the body then goes after the cancer with vengeance. 

In the last two decades many Universities around the world have performed several studies with T/Tn Antigens and his particular use against cancer. 
Mr. Burton Goldberg in his book Definitive Guide of Cancer (last edition) pages 889 - 891 speaks about the phenomenal discovery of Dr.Georg Springer.

MTH-68 (Newcastle Disease Virus Therapy); following the same production line of Dr. Laslo Csatary in Hungary; this product is available in our clinic since 1994, since three decades ago several dozens of papers have shown the affectivity of the NCV (Newcastle virus disease) in the medical literature that had documented its anticancer activity, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) indicates " We are entering a new age of viral therapeutics for human cancer".

NCV (Newcastle virus disease) is an Oncolytic agent with ability to induce tumor lysis through different mechanisms: Can infect and directly lyse (destroyed) a variety of human tumor cells. NCV can induce Tumor Necrosis factor (Alpha) (TNF) production in human mononuclear cells (an immune factor that attacks and destroys cancer cells). Dr. Ralph Moss is one of the most prestigious investigators in the area of Alternative Medicine and has been involved in research of NCV (MTH-68) since few years ago in his book Cancer Therapy (pages 437 - 444) explains with details the mechanism of this Live attenuated virus and his action against cancer.

IPT (Immune Placental Therapy) Product discovered by Dr. Valentine Govallo in Russia, with a high success rate against several types of cancer, and recently found other good activities against autoimmune diseases. Dr. Govallo studied the mother - fetus relationship in determining causes for miscarriage, and the patient-tumor relationship in cancer. He wrote about his theories in over 200 scientific articles, culminating in the publishing of his book, The Immunology of Pregnancy and Cancer, in 1993.

Dr. Govallo originally treated his patients with a series of injections of a serum derived v from fractions of placental extract, today Empirical Therapies of Dr. Coulter along with Autobiologics BV Laboratory in Holland have developed VG-1000 for Cancer therapy a new second generation lyophilized product (through the most sophisticated methods of testing against contagious diseases and high quality of purity) derived from Dr. Govallo's research.

Documented results of reduction of pain and an increased feeling of well being. Objective results are tumor control or regression, even in advanced cancer cases. In his book Definitive Guide of Cancer, pages 901 - 905 Mr. Burton Goldberg speaks about this therapy and his application against cancer. Also Dr. Ralph Moss In his Cancer Chronicles #20 (March 1994) mention the work of Dr. Govallo and his application against cancer.

Anti- Mycoplasma, auto-vaccine (Mycc-Vacc) is a vaccine prepared with the patient's own blood with the only function of eliminate the Mycoplasma Bacteria, the smallest bacteria in the environment able to interfere with the function of the Immune System. The elimination of this pathogenic bacteria produce liberation of the immune system which performs better his function against Cancer and other degenerative and auto-immune diseases. One of the pioneers in the study of this vaccine is Prof. P. W. Scheidl from Max Plank University in Germany, which along with several scientific doctors discovered that some of the causes of several diseases including cancer are secondary to infestation of this Mycoplasma bacteria.

In the book Definitive Guide of Cancer by Mr. Burton Goldberg pages 896 - 901, Dr. Filiberto Muņoz from San Diego Clinic explains widely how this vaccine is made and the his use against cancer (as adjuvant therapy along with other immune-specific treatments).

Also we work with several Immune stimulators (Specific and non- specific) as Pind-Avi, Mumps virus, Utilin D and F, Transfer factor and several anti-metastasic therapies like Eurixor, Iscador, and Biphosphonates (Clodronate, Pamidronate) specifics for metastasic bone cancer etc.

For all of these therapies and the experience acquired through several years working with Biologic treatments made our San Diego Clinic unique and superior to the rest of the Alternative Clinics which only work with traditional therapies and don't really care for the New therapies against cancer.



Jorge Vazquez MD.
Filiberto Muņoz MD

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