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The American Metabolic Institute in Tijuana Mexico


This page deals with a treatment program in which you can enroll to handle the heavy schedule of medication and other activities related to getting cured. Many people find it next to impossible to get on a regimen and stick with it. It is especially difficult when you feel terrible, are in pain, have no energy, and are demoralized. Here is one man's story, and we are grateful he wrote it for us...

Note: Dan Manning, author of the below paper, died from complications resulting from prostate cancer on 26 October 1998.

American Metabolic Institute (AMI)- by Dan Manning


On May 20, 1998, I left to be an In-Patient in the St.Joseph Hospital in La Mesa. Mexico, a few miles south of Tijuana in Baja California. I spent exactly 6 weeks there being treated for prostate cancer and returned to my home in Clearwater, Fla 0n June 30th, 1998.


The Hospital itself is quite humble....only 7 rooms available, so it may be difficult to get in on an exact date that you want. It is clean and fairly well kept, but not up to "our" standards. The staff are very warm and friendly and there are always M.D.'s and nurses on duty around the clock 7 days a week.

Some rooms are smaller than others. My room upstairs was quite large 12' X 18' with ample closet and drawer spaces. All water is filtered and hot water for showers always available. A TV/VCR combination is available in each room so one can view many of the very good video tapes in their library. There is an electrically operated hospital bed as well as a double bed for a companion (recommended that you have one for "support"). Two rooms share a bath between them.

Food is buffet, boarding house style, 3 meals: 8AM, 12 NOON, 5 PM all organic and mostly vegetables and fruits, Lots of raisins, nuts, dried fruits, to add to your salads. Good place to meet and talk to other patients. There is a Recreational Room upstairs with several stuffed adjustable pedestal chairs having both heat and vibrations available if you want them, a big VCR TV for watching video tapes.

Air conditioning available when needed, but the climate is so ideal, rarely used. Sleep under blankets most nights as temp is usually about 60-65F. There is an ozone treated pool and deck chairs for sunning.

Only a block's walk takes you to a huge plaza with a modern supermarket where you can buy just about anything you want including fresh bakery goods and foods, sort of like Walmart, Albertsons, etc., prices reasonable...you can spend either dollars or pesos.....cash registers show both at the current rate of exchange. When you need x-rays or any outside treatment, there are 2 standby drivers and vans to carry you to and from.....all included in the overall fees (discussed later)


This, of course is the most important activity we are concerned with. The "philosophy" of AMI is to use "anything that works" to help cure the disease. The approach is Holistic (also called wholistic). That is the body is treated wholly, instead of one organ or symptom. Cancer is the main focus here and cure is the goal.

So each patient is interviewed and his course is designed for him especially. Included are Rife (Crane), Ozone, Color, Massage, Reflexology, Meditation, Acupuncture (optional) Vitamins, minerals, Bicarb/sea salt/ginger daily hot baths, Chelation and special IV (intravenous) formulas which include Hoxey's toxins,B-17 (Laetrile), Hydrazine sulfate, and daily injections, too many to list here, as well as constant kidney, liver, bowel and blood cleansers throughout the whole time...not just once a week or so. You'll need "nappies" and stay close to the rest rooms.

The diet of course is handled in the daily meals served. You have little time during the day for much else than going from one treatment station to the next....something every hour or so, taking pills, teas, getting injections, IV's and what have you. The first day a blood sample is taken to start the culture (in guinea pigs) for a "cell specific" vaccine which is for you individually. This takes a minimum of 2 weeks and is re-injected once a week until you leave. This is the main "curing" feature of the whole treatment.

I'm not sure I understand it, but all the other "things that work" are mainly to contain and slow down the cancer until the serum can do the final "knockout". Dr. Rubio (the medical director) monitors all activity with a blood test every Monday. He also, being a Medical Doctor, uses conventional therapy, radiation, drugs (ex. Flutamide tablets), where he feels they are needed. The radiation, however is quite low level....75-100 rads per visit...in my case 10 visits.

My "Story"

Remember I am only one case of Prostate cancer diagnosed June 1997 and had been trying all kinds of treatments, bought ozone machines, BioTech 2000 pad/ tubes rife type machine. Tried all kinds of herbs, potions like laetrile, anti-oxydents, Hulda Clark Zappers and cleansers, (even urine therapy....YUK!) until I had a dining table covered with pills of all sizes and nature. I had days when I thought I was actually making headway, only to relapse and find I was really getting nowhere. I found I simply could not stick to all the complicated teas, mixes, juices, pill combinations which had to be 2 hours before eating or not mixed with blah blah, especially while feeling sick and eventually giving up believing nothing was helping anyway; and all I was doing was supporting the alternative medicine field which to me has become as commercial as the conventional medical field with glossy magazines with that handsome 80 year old guy with young chicks pawing all over him.....all over-hype .

After reading Hulda Clarks books and viewing Dr. Schulze's videos and such literature on Hydrazine Sulphate, Glycosol, etc., I thought that what I needed was to be able to go to people like them for personal treatment. Even Schulze says one has to be able to commit oneself to an 18 hour a day battle plan which he thoroughly outlines in his video tapes. If you're sick you need someone to administer the program, and I bought all his tapes planning to help a friend with lung cancer, but she refused to do the regimen, so that was a waste and she died, still smoking.

So when I was diagnosed as having advanced cancer of the prostate metastasized to the hip bone, I began looking for such personal care. Schulze's clinic was no longer available, and Hulda Clark had just closed her clinic for whatever reasons. Somehow I found American Metabolic Institute on the internet as well as CSCT (Cell Specific Cancer Treatment) in the Dominican Republic, After meditating much on choices I decided on AMI. I had several other places mainly in Mexico (Oasis, Europa Institute etc.) which are all out-patient. That is, you stay in a motel and make daily visits to the clinic for the treatments.

Not me...I wanted to be an IN-patient with 24 hour, 7 days/week nursing and doctor care, with them bringing me the pills, injections, on the proper times and combinations. AMI was the only one that fitted the bill as far as I could see, and the additional appeal to me was the "anything that works" philosophy they had instead of just using one (their) pet formula.

Now there's no one any more "pinchy" than I when it comes to parting with money, except possibly a German friend I have. He saves old computer paper and junk mail (back side) and uses motel and hotel stationary and envelopes, so when you get a letter from him it may have someone's old accounting or whatever on the back! Anyway, I am tight and reluctant to spend the kind of money these places seem to need. I wanted to find a "Mother Teresa" type of org where everybody simply works for the love of helping others (like me.... hah!)...dream on....

So looking realistically at my state...I'm 82 years old...and figured I can't take it with me, and so I might as well consider it an expensive vacation (to Mexico) and make the plunge. So I called AMI and got the details....a certified check on arrival up front for $12000! And the average current cost for me and my wife and all treatments was about $700/day and the average stay was about 3 weeks rarely exceeding 5 weeks.

Well after getting my breath back, I decided to be sure and got my plane tickets for 6 weeks, so I was committing myself to possibly a total of 20,000 to 30,000 shmackeroos! My actual cost averaged a little under $500/day. That's for ALL expenses, room and board for both of us, 24- hour vigil by doctors and M.D.'s, bussing to and from to outside for x-rays, etc. to and from the Airport. Tell me what you can get in the U.S. for $500/day....doubt that you get just a private hospital room?

One can choose to stay at a motel and be an outpatient and possibly save a few hundred bucks a week., But frankly I can't see being in a motel at 2 AM and needing a nurse or doctor (and this does happen). Also when I don't feel good, I can just slip on my bathrobe and go to meals, or if very sick, meals are brought to the room. And there was that electrically operable adjustable hospital bed which was a god-send to me my first week-10 days when I was in excruciating pain and I could adjust it exactly the best position for most comfort. Since many things are administered at night, you have to do these things yourself if in a motel.

Then there is the TV/VCR in each room (but not the motels) and the extensive library of audio/ video tapes and books available when time is free. Also a camaraderie is developed among the personnel and patients, that seems to be missing from the outpatients. Nope....no motel for me...I'm glad I had a room right in the clinic.

When I arrived at Lindbergh field in San Diego I was in terrible pain and had to have wheel chair service. The bus was not there on time to meet me and fortunately a friend of mine, Carlos from San Diego, was there to welcome me. He called the office and they said the driver was "on his way" and sure enough in about1/2 hour he arrived. I was bleeding in my urine, half nauseated, really SICK from the 7 hour plane trip where I could not get comfortable in the planes or in the airports. I was dying to get in my room which was supposed to be ready and waiting for me.

We finally got to the little hospital where there was a file of people trying to get handled at the front desk and after waiting for an hour or two (sitting was agony) came the message, "no room available"...I would be put in a motel at their expense until a room was available. At this stage,I was ready to get on the plane and go back home. Well without going through all the agony, we finally got a very nice room upstairs after 3 days of temporary bussing. The excuse was that the people who were supposed to be vacated could not go as planned and I had to wait.

But then began the barrage of pills. Injections, IV's x-rays, etc., which themselves made me groggy and all I wanted to do was sleep. All the "vets" there told me the first 5-10 days is the worst and things would begin to be better from then on, except for "roller-coasting". They were right and about my seventh day I had a sudden surge of energy and alertness that honestly I hadn't had since I was in my 30's! I thought maybe they had given me some crack in the mixture! I felt strong, wanted to get dressed and "see the town". The "vets" said to enjoy it while I could because the see-sawing would begin soon. It did, but meanwhile my bleeding had stopped and most all pain was gone.

Although I did lose the "high", I settled into a 2-3 week period of feeling good without any pain, discomfort, bleeding or tiredness. I think this was when Gerry Foye visited me and I showed him around and explained why I thought this was what most of us were looking for. Even made the remark that if I could feel this good I wouldn't care if I had the cancer.

Then I got my first cell specific vaccine, only a little pimple developed hurt a little, next week, second specific, more or less same, but the 3rd specific really hit me. The next day all pain turned on, could hardly move my right leg, felt weak, groggy and this lasted about 3 days, but GET THIS: a pain developed in my left side by my spinal column about where the sciatic nerve emerges. It felt like a knife stab, so intense a spasm that I could hardly use my left leg. It was now the weak leg and at the end of the 3 days my right leg became the strong with only slight pain gradually leaving. Now I have not had ANY pain in that left area at all for years. Why did it pop up to plague me?

Well this happening was the first real clue that something WAS being done to my cancerous condition. Why do I say this? Well, the 2-3 weeks of feeling fine was result of all the detox cleansing and zapping that had been done and had slowed down, or held in bay the cancer activity, but not killed it. When they finally got a reaction with Specific #3 the little buggers (white cells, macrophages, t-cells, b-cells and what ever) had learned and memorized how to find and kill cancer cells in the guinea pig and immediately went to work when injected inside me! These intelligent little guys, in turn, train all the others in me as well as any new ones from the bone marrow.

But apparently it found a few sleeping in my left side. Is it coincidence that the location is exactly where, 3 years ago, I had a savage attack of Shingles (Herpes Zoster) which inflamed my entire left leg and groin and left me with excruciating Post-herpetic- neuralgia. It was 2 years before I began notice any subsiding of the pain and the leg still does not feel "normal". The dermatologist said there was little or nothing that could be done except let it wear out, which could last the rest of my life. Although all pain has now gone on the right side, this left side pain is still sore (as of this writing), kind of like a charley-horse.(remember, nerve cells heal very slowly)

Maybe I'm kidding myself, but that is the first indication to me that something was actually making headway on my cancer. Why would I have a pain now that I had not had for years and now my left leg which had been my strongest is now my weakest? H-m-m-m-m-m.

Am I cured? I sure feel like it, but Dr. Rubio is not satisfied until you make a few return calls every 2-3 months and bone scans show all clear. These calls are for shorter periods week or so, and not as strenuous a program as the first time. I'm only now trying to organize and schedule my self treatment kit which I brought with me (which, by the way, costs about $4000...it's a huge box full!). He says nothing CURES cancer except our God-given immune system, which can be strengthened with detox and cleansing and some help like the vaccines until it can clobber the invader.

An analogy, or model to see the problem of curing Cancer

During my treatments, I would have some nights of wide-awake clarity which I used for communicating with what I call my Generic God...generic because it is the one that has no label although many insist on giving it one...the one that's on our courthouse walls and in our declaration of independence, constitution, and pledge of allegiance, that seems to offend no one and, thank heaven, our forefathers in their wisdom wound up with it instead of one of the many "registered" labels used by the multitude of different religions, to which none do I aspire, although I consider myself very religious.

Imagine if they had instead used "In Jehovah, Allah, or Jesus we Trust". The wars between Israel and Arabs, Ireland Catholics and British Protestants (all supposed to practice love and forgiveness) etc., would look like a soccer game compared to what would have developed here in the USA....Ever THINK of THAT?

Anyway, during these times, I tried to get a picture, or model to try to see and explain what appears to be the overall problem of getting rid of this terrible disease, Cancer. I'm not proud of this "model" it's the best I could come up with. If someone can find a better one I'll gladly adopt it. For lack of a better name, right now I'll call it the "Sqeegee Paradigm" Picture, if you can, a large beautiful glossy and perfectly level indoor playing court like basketball, roller rink, whatever and it has at its far side a gulley which has drain outlets. Let this represent the body in its finest condition and when it feels "good" Now there is a constant invasion of unwanted liquids, gums, etc., which we can mock up as caused by a leaky roof, floods, El nino, or just pesky vandals that like to mess up things. The most common way to clean such floors is with sqeegees.

What's a squeegee? Well, the most common one you see is your auto windshield wiper blades. Rain gets on the windshield and you sqeegee it off by turning the wipers on. Note that it only gets it clean with a dry wipe for a short period, so it must repeat the motion often (fast) enough to let you have some "viewing" time. This is somewhat the same problem we have with our "model" It is in a constant "battle" to maintain the ideal state of "feeling good". If you push a squeegee through a film of water it will make a dry, clean area which immediately begins to refill behind the sqeegee, so in order get the floor fully clean, repeated swipes must be made. Then of course if you have some other sqeegees to help, the job gets easier.

Some other features of sqeegees are: they get old, worn, torn and gummed up with "bug juice" or whatever and require cleaning, repair and or replacement. This is equivalent in our model to our sqeegee not being in good condition and even the gulley and drain system gets clogged until the sqeegee-ing gets almost inoperable as many of us become with age, dissipation, pollution, parasites, etc. Each of us owns a powerful "sqeegee" which I'll call the DIVINE SQEEGEE, and consists of that broad inter-operative and complex function which is called the immune system.

I used to think it was just the white cells that attack all invaders, but it is a complex system including the digestive system, liver, kidneys, intestines and many other organs that work cooperatively with an intelligence that defies our ability to understand, except to consider that it is DIVINELY directed. If you look at some of the videos of all these little things working cooperatively knowing where when and what to do at the right time it is supposed to do it, you can't help but be overwhelmed with the supreme intelligence designed into our living bodies. So I'm not shy in calling that our DIVINE Sqeegee.

I saw one time in a movie a view straight down from the top of a tall building to a busy intersection below. The cars looked so tiny and you wondered why there weren't more accidents with each one wanting to go its own way. Then of course you could see the signal changes, left turns right turns or straight ahead, and you knew there was in intelligence in each of those little units which guided it through the maze. Then the camera sped up to fast motion and it looked even more chaotic! This experience came back to me as I watched some of the video tapes of circulating blood, cells, etc. and I could see the same intelligence at work in these little beasties! Then we can have help from other "sqeegees" like detox agents, glycosol, hydrazine sulphate, laetrile, color, rife, many herbal teas...essiac, pau d'arco etc.... and we find that each of these has some effect at keeping the court clean, remembering that there is still a constant on-slaught of in-coming, unwanted liquids/gums/debris. All of us are different and our "courts" may be different size as well as our DIVINE Sqeegee.

Let's take the simple case first. Here is one who has fairly efficient "Divine Sqeegee" but it gets gummed up a bit, or a part of the blade is not scraping well and he gets a little tumor, maybe he even gets a malignant one. He reads about a "sqeegee" called B-17 or Laetrile and takes it and gets cured. He only needed a little help with this outside "sqeegee" It could have been any one or few of dozens of others maybe you've heard of and tried. So this fellow recommends this substance (sqeegee) to a friend who's got the same problem and it doesn't work on him at all. It was not THE sqeegee or number of sqeegees that he needed. His DIVINE Squeegee was much more damaged and handicapped than his friend's.

The problem with trying this and trying that with some people getting success and others getting no results, as i see it, is (in terms of our model) no one knows exactly which sqeegee he needs or how many to resolve his case. In comes the idea of why not use them all?....or "anything that works".

I'm reminded of the General who had all his battalions lined ready for an attack on a rather weak enemy and he ordered all on their knees to pray. A subordinate asked why, when the battle was sure to be won, should we pray. The General's reply was "We don't want to miss any bets." So that's the approach used, at least by AMI. So use all sqeegees available and some of these may not seem real to you: Prayer, Meditation, Visualization, Positive thinking, Practicing love and forgiveness, calming music, massage, quiet environment. But ask yourself this: Do you think a body would heal faster if it was angry, or happy? Hating, or loving? In a noisy, clashing environment, or a peaceful, calming one? With people angry, critical, and impatient, or friendly, loving, and patient?

It doesn't take any intelligence to see that these are little "squeegees" that help also. You probably can think of many others. The point is, that such things as Prayer, meditation, etc. perhaps in themselves may not be cures , but are certainly catalysts in helping the curing process. Who knows which one or ones are necessary to tip the scales toward curing the most. These are different with different people. I hope this very poor model helps to see why some are successful with one or two "sqeegees" and others are not.

A Typical Day

Just so you can see what a typical day was (for my special regimen....others may vary, but not much) I'll list as near as possible what happened each of my 42 days .

I think this typical day (above) may show you how difficult, if not impossible, it would be for you to administer all this to yourself, not to mention the IV's and injections.


By the way, Bill Fry, Managing Director of AMI, says he worked with and under John Crane to build the machine he uses. They use a video equipped microscope (Mikron Instruments, 5569 Kearn(s) Villa Road, San Diego,CA 92123...Tel 619-571-8616; Fax: 619- 565-6814) that is X2000 which boosts up on computer screen to X16000. Costs around $6000 not including camera attachment. Bill also has a friend Bud Curtis who built a Microscope with Naessons lens' that goes to X27000!...Bud is supposed to be going to Canada soon (July, '98) to have a Bare/Rife machine demo'd to him. He insists on being able to SEE the actual effect on his microscope. Bill said he would let me know what they found. Bill also wants me to bring my BioTech 2000 when I return in September, and he will video any effects he sees on the Microscope.

Besides the above, blood samples are taken every Monday morning to see how certain indicators (PSA, etc.) are progressing. The first week to 10 days there were many other injections which I just couldn't keep track of. So many, they recommended putting a permanent (while you're a patient) catheter called also, I think, a Yoke. This is placed near the collar bone and makes easy access for certain injections as well as the weekly blood tap and minimizes getting "punched" so much. This little baby costs you about $800, however, because it takes a special doctor called in from the outside with the technique and anaesthesia to place it just right.

About Fees

I have wanted to say something about the cost of this treatment and I guess this is about as good as any place to do it. I've already mentioned I'm a tightwad and have the view that all professional medical people have forsaken the Hippocratic Oath for the Hypocritic one. I see them as hungrily popping out prescriptions and sending us from one specialist to another and charging us $60-$75 to wait an hour after our appointment time to take 10-15 minutes to read some blood or x-ray report which they had little if anything to do in making. .....and on and on.

So I entered into this "venture" fully expecting to get ripped off and only doing it because I believed I was dying and wouldn't need the money anyway....just consider it an expensive vacation. Having been in business myself for twenty years with around 300 employees, I know what managing an operation is to keep it from going broke. People honestly believed that if I sold a car for $5000 that cost me $3500 that I actually put $1500 in my pocket! (You can see those prices were long ago!).

They forget that most of that $1500 went into over-allowance for their darling precious trade-in just to get the deal, and that most of their payment was the "iron" (trade in) that must be resold taking in another piece of iron until the last trembling, rusty, termite-eaten, withered "dog" is sold for junk or to the "nothing down" and so much a month back lot dealer who knows he'll have to repossess it and re-sell it many times to make his living. Nahhh .... all my employees worked for nothing, The county, state and Federal allowed me to pay no taxes...even the power and light was free or extra cheap...maintenance and repair on machinery and equipment,... peanuts.

In most businesses that I've looked into the biggest fixed expense is employees....people. If they are not producing you will go broke. Yet, you can not run a big operation without them. No sir, YOU MADE $1500 OFFA ME!!!! I could care less about YOUR problems. Believe me I've heard it all. All that emotional tirade was to let you know that I know what it is to run an operation that depends on more than a few people.

So while I was at AMI I was watching for whether these people were ripping everybody off. And in so doing I've had to revise my attitude somewhat. I, too, was looking for a Mother Teresa-type place where there was no need to discuss money....everything was free to those who needed it and they were standing by with love in their hearts to wait on you hand and foot. Well, I was as much of a dreamer as the guy who thought I made $1500 on that precious lump he traded in.

There ain't no such place in this world. This world (that WE know) runs on money and that's it. The problem is that when we really don't know what we're talking about, we sloppily make blanket accusations across the board and many times we're wrong. As you can see, the "under one umbrella" philosophy makes a lot of sense. And as far as I am NOW concerned, these people have a sincere desire to CURE people...not just TREAT them. They're not perfect (nor are we) and are bravely working against the propaganda put out by UNO HU in the U.S.A. and (this was news to me) part of the NAFTA agreement with Mexico was that the FDA and Federal Agencies have the right to prosecute un-approved therapies in Mexico now up to 500 miles within its borders.

See why I think they're brave? You who think they're ripping people off....would you dare to try it? You just may not see any more places like this available! Let's take a quick review, and I hope I'm not repeating too much, and I'll get off my high horse. Only 7 private rooms, each has a powered hospital bed and double bed for companion

They DO have times of feast and times of Famine. In other words, there is not a constant overwhelming stream of people who are able or willing to plop down the kind of money they need to operate. The day I arrived there were no empty rooms. While there for almost 3 weeks there were 5 of the 7 rooms empty! But remember the fixed expenses of employees, etc. continue with or without patients.

There are probably even more facets I've missed. But my point is that I don't see the kind of money being made that could be considered as a rip off. My average cost for the 42 days for me and my wife in a private room and ALL meals and medical care was UNDER $500 per day. I don't think you can even get just a private hospital room for that in the USA. So I've been born again, so to speak, concerning rip-off people and certainly don't apply it to this organization.

And I get nothing (no perks, dividends, etc.) for stating thus. It IS expensive (especially with NO insurance coverage), but so far I'm satisfied that I got much more care for my money than I could get in the USA from prescription-writing M.D.'s and referred specialists. I realize that many cannot afford it. And if I could afford it, I would guarantee anyone's payment who needed this all-in-one care. At least I got a Mother Teresa intention!

Miscellaneous Notes

If you decide to go to AMI in La Mesa, Mexico, they will send you a list things you need to bring with you (besides that big fat important $12,000 Certified Check up front!). Such things as a pitcher, spiral notebooks, blank audio/video tapes, calendar, writing material, post cards, stamps (you can't use US, except send them by chauffeur when goes to San diego), etc. You may want to wait and buy them locally at the big super market just a block away. You get an accounting every Friday to see how you are using up your deposit and when you have to start writing checks. (That HURTS!)

I couldn't get my Master Card Accepted for Long Distance Calls. I was told that one has to make arrangements with one's LD provider. You can, however make COLLECT calls, but you will be cut off after several minutes....no explanation!

Although the philosophy is "anything that works", there were several "sqeegees" I saw missing: Hulda Clark's Zapper (and cleansers?), Dr. Beck's blood purifier and magnetizer machines, Radionics machines and probably some you are thinking of I've missed.

One of the Dr.'s (Johnson) is a chiropractor and he uses what is called a Blood Crystalization Diagnostic Aid. Once a week a needle prick of blood makes 4 spots on a slide which when dried is examined under their X2000 Microscope and this gives certain measurements showing condition of various functions in the body such as allergies, deficiencies, glandular stress and overall toxicity and uses as measures, Normal,. Moderate, and High. Many of my indicators improved, many remained the same High or Moderate while I was there. Mainly my liver toxicity, and prostate stress. Maybe after my next 2 months visit? He also uses Applied Kinesthetics to get "readings" from the body. This is where you hold your arm out and try to resist his pressure. I can't actually see any difference, but he says he can. ??????

In Closing

I hope I have not bored you, but I'm trying to cover all possible questions so I don't have to repeat to each person. All in all, I'm glad I did it and I DO feel better and more optimistic about the future, whereas, in spite of my belief in holding positive thoughts utmost, I had an underlying sense of futility about the protracted life the medical profession was painting for me.

This is the way I feel NOW. If for some reason, I have deluded myself and find I made a mistake, I will certainly swallow my pride and tell you that also. I kept a diary while at AMI and it contains short abbreviated notes a lot closer to my on-going feelings; too much to include here. But I plan to type that up also and will send to any who might be interested. Just let me know. Concerning Doctor Rubio, I have mixed feelings. He is obviously a brilliant person dedicated to giving the best in care to his patients, is very knowledgable in his field, and I admire his courage in the face of all the dissent about his field. However, I had so many promises broken by him, the worst affront being my last night there when he didn't show up as promised to explain the Take-Home Kit and finally with my raising the roof about 11:30PM sent me a substitute Doctor who was sleepily ready to go home....I got a semi-adequate briefing. Dr. Rubio seems to be more interested in his research than in actual one on one contact with his patients. He's always busy and un-available except on days he's "in" like Mondays and Fridays. He is not the only one there who "forgets" his promises, but he is the one you least expect it from. There is, in my opinion, one step further to be taken by these very special Doctors who do this Complementary Medicine. I must be an idealist, because I picture all these "pioneers" like Dr. Rubio, Schulze, Hulda Clark, Julian Whitaker, William Douglas (and son), Earl Mindell and several others I can't recall....I picture them getting together once or twice a year trying to standardize, purify, and otherwise agree on THE best plan for these diseases, and humanity. But here we run into Ego (Fame... I discovered it first!), Money, Pride, Proprietorship, keeping pet formulae secret so people must use your service instead of someone near you. We can't seem to get the Hippocrates/Mother Teresa intentions into this "radical" (as far as AMA says) approach. Maybe someday?

God Bless...........................Dan Manning


(Aug. 24, 1998)

Update on AMI (American Metabolical Institute) Treatment

For those who got my first report on my treatment at AMI in La Mesa, Baja California from May 20 to June 29, 1998 (42 Days), I thought I would bring you up to date on the continuing "Take Home" treatment in case you decide to use them (AMI). It is not a wham wham, thank you ma'm program, but can last many months. The program requires a return after about 2 months on the self administered take home kit. For me this will be ca. Sept.1st.

So I got back home June 29th and started on the kit around July 1st. It took me about a week to figure out and organize the regimen (which is poorly mimeographed with hand-scratched additions and deletions and a hard to hear video taped instructions by Dr. Rubio). Only my engineering background and a stubborn-ness to overcome prevailed to get me started.... (I will try to detail all later)...... and it was only about the 10th day that I finally confronted and started the self injections....I'd never done THAT before!

Although it has been a real strain on my "self-discipline", and I had days of up and down, by and large I was feeling quite good except for a pain in my left side and another between my shoulder blades which were new since I left AMI...never had before... I did feel groggy, sleepy, most of the time, until I started (belatedly), as recommended, taking colonics at a center near here. I've always avoided colonics, for various questionable reasons, but finally bit the bullet,... and I'd like to say if you've never had one you should try it. It was nothing like I expected and I immediately began to get rid of my sleepiness. The Therapist said that the stuff I was taking from AMI was working very well, but the toxins weren't getting out of my system fast enough to keep up. ( I was having "weeping", itchy pimples breaking out all around my chest, sides and back....stuff oozing out through my pores). I don't know if all the colonic clinics have a glass viewing tube through which all the flushing passes, but I was able to watch and see all the junk that was lingering and causing my grogginess, and each new colonic shows how it is clearing out.

I'm thoroughly sold on these flushes and am going 2 times a week (at $50 a trip) tapering off to once a week, twice a month, and then regularly once a month. It's the best $50 (per trip) I've ever spent! I don't care what your condition is, I believe you would benefit, if nothing else, by seeing just how much junk you didn't know you're carrying in you. And my opinion is that before you start on a program like I'm on, you would do well (get well faster) if you did a month or two of sessions (2-3 times/week) before you begin the program..

Anyway, from my return July 1st to about 10 days ago (Aug. 10th) I've felt fairly good and thought I was gaining on curing this thing (prostate cancer). However, in the last ten days or so I have had a worsening of my groin pains as well as an increase in the "new" pain in my lower back and a strong pain between my shoulder blades. Also developing little "balls" around the back of my neck and in arm muscles that hurt when you push on them. (Lymph glands?). I'm required to get another complete body scan before I go back to Mexico for checkup. This I did yesterday (Aug 21) as well as a PSA test and I wanted to write this report before I get the results Monday (24th) to see if my feelings are correct. I feel that my condition has worsened in the last 10 days-2 weeks. I expect the report to show worse conditions, not better, because of what I described above.

I've already got plane tickets for me and my wife to return Aug. 31st for 2 weeks to the Mexican Clinic described in my former reports. If you want copies of those reports write me e-mail: danmanning@ij.net and I'll send them .HTM format direct to you as attachments (Attachments not allowed on the Rife-List). The purpose of the trip is for recheck, follow up, etc. but if things are worsening, I will discontinue this very expensive treatment which is NOT covered by Insurance. I've already reached the $30,000.00 top limit of the estimate given me by AMI over the phone. My purpose for sending all these details, is in case anyone is considering using AMI for treatment, they can have specific details from someone who "gave it shot". I'm going to close this section after detailing what the home kit involves, and the next section will be the results of my tests when I receive them.....promised Monday, Aug. 25th..

Typical Day on the Take Home Program (cost $4000+)

Start Day approx. 7:00AM and before noon

Between Noon and 6-7:00PM

Between 7 and bedtime

Evening pill packet (details below)

AM Pill Packet Details:

PM Pill Packet Details:

Same as AM Pill Packet above

Evening Pill Packet Details:

Powders, drops, etc (to be taken with teas, juices, AM/PM packet, etc) Details:


JUST HAVE A LOOK AT ALL THAT, AND YOU WILL SEE THAT YOU WILL NEED A LOT OF HELP AND WILL POWER TO DO IT ALL. It was about all I could do, even with my wife and a friend of hers helping with juicing, teas, poultices, etc.......I'll give myself a grade of about a 90%


Aug. 24, 1998

Today, Monday Aug. 24, I received a fax with my Bone Scan and PSA report. The Bone Scan, as I had expected, showed about the same and even worsening of the cancer metastasis, and in the areas exactly where I'm experiencing increasing pain. However, the PSA fell to 28.2 from the high I had when I started with AMI of 315.0 That's a sign it was not ALL wasted. But really.....what good is it if the cancer is still spreading and pain is worsening.

I will be pushing over the $30,000 limit we had estimated when I return next week. I will be there 2 weeks, and if there is no better signs of improvement, I will abandon this very expensive treatment and possibly go conventional and let the Lord handle the time factor

I will keep a diary again while there, and make a report when I return around Sept 14th. The main reason I'm keeping such details is perhaps some on the I-net with condition. might like to know how the stages advance, pains, areas, and treatments administered. I would have loved to have others' info on their alternative treatments in such detail, so I could have made (perhaps) a better choice.

As I prepare to leave, I am in constant pain now in the groin, thorax, and have to walk and bend over carefully because this causes muscle spasms that make the pain so sharp that the muscle wants to quit functioning. Coughing and sneezing does the same except there's no escaping the stabs in the upper back and groins that result. I have found if I take 3 (2 won't do it) Tylenol (acetaminophen) or 3 Ibuprofen tablets the pain diminishes considerably and this lasts about 4-5 hours, but I don't like to have to depend on this to the point where I need stronger stuff and maybe become addicted. I give all this detail in case someone else out there has Prostate Cancer and may want to compare symptoms/stages. I would have liked to had some of this info early on.

I'm now wondering if possibly that's what is done in the therapy......among all the pills, potions, shots, etc. put some pain killers and the patient can say (truthfully) he feels better, as I did in my recent report on my first 42 days at AMI. But that doesn't mean anything is actually diminishing the spread of this deadly disease. Something to look for. Right now, I'm having much less confidence in the Cancer therapy of AMI in Mexico.

Will keep a diary as before and make a report of the 2 week follow up and have it available as an attachment to anyone requesting it.

God Bless

Dan Manning

Diary of return to AMI

For Rechecks after 2 Months on Home Maintenance


Good flight on Continental. Was in much pain between shoulders, back and right leg. So bad had too use wheel chair in airport. Had interview with Dr. RUBIO. Explained my disappointment, and said, that it looks like the same results that conventional LUPRON treatments paid by MEDICARE would have gotten. He examined my prostate and said it was now soft and normal and I had a much lower PSA with no bleeding. He says the tumor is now finished, only the bone cancer needs to be handled with 5 radiation treatments of 25 RADS each. Plus injections of CLODRONITE (have been taking 2 capsules, which weren’t strong enough). The pain will diminish, after these treatments. Discussed the use of female hormones, said it does the same as LUPRON. The Wife and I decided to continue treatment for 2 weeks.



Slept fairly well, up 3-4 times urinating may have some blood in urine (brownish color- first since I came here in May). Got up at 7, got breakfast. Much pain in right hip joint can hardly stand up or walk also considerable pain between shoulders. Went for XRAY treatment #1 at 9:30 (only 25 RADS over areas of bone cancer shown on scan). Called in to Dr. RUBIO’S office at 11:00. He said he would no longer treat me, because I was disturbing the other patients by telling them I was still dying, after all the time and money spent here, (specifically another patient with prostate cancer).

Dr. RUBIO said, with my tumor gone and very low PSA, that I had responded very well to the treatments. The pain I have now is from the bone cancer and that is the secondary part of the treatment. For the pain they had given me DARVON 65, 2 capsules, (600mg DEXTROPHENE AND 500MG ACIDASALIC ACID), which did nothing for it.

I asked why not treat the two cancers simultaneously? He said they are in different locations and the prostate is the root of the bone cancer. The prostate cancer must be done first, as it requires different RADS, times, etc. The low-level radiation will quickly fix the swelling that is causing the pain, followed by further vaccines and (requxxxxs). He said, by Friday my pain should be 80% to 100% gone.

I told him to consider my viewpoint, the information he just gave me is new to me and the way I felt I probably did think this was the end. Had I known this new information I would not have been so negative. Also I had no intention to cause upset to anyone. Many talk of their feelings, some more than I. It would not be fair or intelligent to stop at this point. He agreed, but wanted me to convey such remarks to him. If he had known my feelings he would have informed me. I said I had told him, and it is very hard to find him to keep him informed. He agreed to continue treatment.


Got second radiation treatment 9:30 this AM. By the time we returned to the Hospital, my pains were much worse. Could hardly get up the stairs. Dr. RUBIO came at 11:00 and ordered an injection into my IV bottle and two ampoules of 100mg analgesic, plus DORIXIN solution every 6 hours, 1 ampoule 8mg of anti-inflammatory, and a DECADRON solution every 8 hours. He said, the first 3 radiation treatments will increase the pain as the cancer dies, then the pain would subside; by the fifth day 80 to 100% of the pain would be gone. We’ll see. By 2:30PM the pain was considerably reduced and was able to walk up and down the stairs easily. The rest of the day spent on routines and napping. Dr. RUBIO received the latest film of my body scan; he now can view 3 successive pictures.

Finished reading Emanuel Swedenbork’s "Heaven, Hell & Its Wonders". Great reading for anyone about to translate.

Urine is clear today, no blood. Radiation treatment to back at 25 RADS for 4 minutes, to pelvis 25 RADS 2 minutes apiece front then back. Versus the May treatment of 75 RADS 1.5 minutes front then again to the back.


Third radiation treatment done at 9:00AM. Received the usual Rife, magnets, color, Buerua and IV, plus painkiller in the IV. The painkiller had worn off by this AM. The IV plus painkiller was given at 11:30 the pain was gone by 1:00PM. But I can’t live on painkillers. If Dr. RUBIO is right, by next week, we should be well on the way to a cure for the secondary cancer (bone). If so, I’ll tell you all.

Did a lot of communication with my generic God (MGG) and think I have the secret to what we call a good doctors bedside manner; has to do with good communication. Will elaborate latter.


Woke up at 3:00AM and as usual I feel wide-awake and can’t sleep. I turned my attention to MGG or as in my recent re-reading of "Heaven, Hell and Its Wonders" (H, H&IW). The author says we have two faces; our exterior one for the world, with its social and survival adaptations and the interior one which is more our real one; kind of confused, helpless little child. Bernie Siegel says we get it out of childhood views and see ourselves in the mirror as that beautiful, innocent child, which is still in all of us. This child can turn to heaven and confess a need for support. Anyway, I remember reading in one of my metaphysical books that if we look with open eyes and relax, with as blank a mind as possible. When we close the eyes when will feel a shift of our sight up to our forehead. Try it. I felt it in those wee hours. While doing this, I sensed I was still looking in the same direction, even had after images of the world, then it came to me that I could look inward, or anywhere I chose. So I turned this sight upward to God. E.S. says, "we face without self direction our affection, which is also called desire, love and Buddists call ‘a hankering after’". This

is what we are giving most of our attention to. Or, "as man thinketh, so is where he is". Man alone appears to be the only creature that can do this, and is why we are special life forms to the Creator. This ability to turn our attention (and "love") is unique in us, and we call it "free will". This is something God does not care to stifle. We might chose where to turn our attention - to the world - to nature or to the Divine, which created it all. This is the purpose of religion, but it has so confounded us with rituals, church finance and power struggles, it is for the most part a "lordly institution" with all its separate interpretations causing all manner of un-heavenly disputes.

The "WORD" can be found in many ancient and New Age writings, but these are literal messages. Spiritual messages must be sought, beginning with the turning the "inner" face toward heaven. No one can do this for you, they can only show, suggest and help you learn to do it. Many try to force with fear of hell and vague promises of heaven and paradise (hyper sell), but the path is accessed alone.

I really get wound up on this and side tracked. What I’m trying to do is pass along everything I get from this experience for those unfortunates traveling the same path. Making the same struggles for answers and understanding. I felt during this experience of looking through the forehead (3rd eye- pineal gland) that I saw something like a huge hangar door from the inside or like the big spherical door at Mt. Palomar as it opened and I saw the stars. I can’t say I "saw", but I felt a "question" or "a yes". Well, silently I first wanted to give again and again my thanks and humble gratitude for the many blessing I received during my life, and enumerate them, (which I won’t do here). I also mention seeing (as many of the Old Testament, David), how in my later years I have striven to do the things on which the "LAW hangs, that is 1st "love thy god with all thy heart". 2nd Love thy neighbor as thyself". Also I saw on a church billboard.


Priorities: GOD ME




Thus I spent all the time needed, no hurry, could have been an hour or more looking and feeling. I think I actually spread my arms upward and said something to the effect, "God I am old and my time is short, ill or well. As far as I can see I’ve shed interest in the worldly things and have my attention on the Divine, as your servant. If I can serve you better in the next world take me there now and spare me the pains, which seem to be increasing. And I as did David in Psalms, bargain, "I can serve you much better in a healthy body than in a sick and ailing one. But thy will be done". Then a thin light gray cloud covered the stars and a very strong arm and hand seemed to reach down and grasped my hand. I felt a flow of love, which caused tears. All of this with my eyes closed.

I didn’t know what to say or do, but the picture filled me with an impression of "message received and noted", like a conference had closed. I felt sort of end point and opened my eyes to write this.

About a quarter after 7:00 now, have a slight headache. 4th XRAY today, one to go. Am in much pain again today, but not as much as before. Am very weak in back and legs. A sneeze makes me feel like I’m breaking in two at the shoulder blades. Over this weekend I’m supposed to feel less pain. If not I’ll really begin to lose faith in the "treatment" which in spite of all the efforts (imaging, prayer, positive thinking), maybe its not for me and not to be.

1:00PM Dr. RUBIO came in with my bone scans and showed me the progress since June of 97. Doesn’t look good to me, but he said there was an increase from 97 to this June, but none since then indicating it has stopped spreading, meaning the treatments are having effect. He said, if I had no cancer and had had a fracture it would show a spot. So all the spots on the scan are not necessarily cancer, the dead cancer areas are showing as spots. The swelling of the bones, pressing on nerves causes the pain. This makes the body stop motion by causing muscles in the area to cramp and spasm making it more rigid. This also influences the nerve and tissues. Once the cancer is dead and the cells moved out by the immune system, holes or cavities are left which must heal with good cells; all movement should be cautious until fully healed. Which could take months. Thus when I feel good and exert myself the price is more pain the next day. I asked him, "having seen many cases like mine, how do I compare to the others". His answer was, if I continue with him and return every 3 months, I should see the year 2000. I also asked, when I go in what manner will it be. His answer was, as the cancer spreads it moves into the organs and throat. The patient is on stronger and stronger drugs for the pain. Eventually the drugs induce coma and either the lungs or the heart fails in the end.

Although it is as I expected, he is betting on the year 2000, and that isn’t much. I’ll have to believe what he says and continue this regimen from now on. My PSA is 28 and prostate is normal without bleeding. Aracelly spent the day and night at Ceri’s apartment.


Slept well. Rather routine day, but it came to me in bits, the light on what I’m going through and made me feel more confident that I’m on the right track. Is this MGG’s answer? I won’t elaborate here in my report, but it has to do with the ups and downs that occur on this "treatment", why it cannot be avoided and takes months before real progress is made. NOT EASY AND NOT CHEAP!

I had a colonic and it picked up my spirits. Have lots of pain in the cancer areas, and muscles are weak, but I know why now. Will get my last radiation (5th) Monday. Arecely got in about 1:00PM with Ceri and many local purchases.


As most Sundays, activities are minimal routine basics. Several new patients arrived and have to stay in Motels until rooms become available. I’m bored.

Couldn’t sleep, talked to MGG; can’t remember it all, but it came to me that I had read somewhere (bible?) we must make several attacks to enter heavenly sphere as we did to enter the material world. That is a weak wish to have spiritual experiences will get little results. There must be a huge desire (love) to join with the Divine, with rhythm (repetition) everyday expressing right as child of God to return "home" with forgiveness, even saying what you have done to turn inner face (attention) from the worldly to the Divine. As loves (desires) given up, any disharmonious "hankerings", etc. Spent a couple of hours at this and felt like I was convincing someone. Slept very well afterwards.


Will get the 5th and final XRAY treatment today. Still in much pain when I move, but no pain when still. Suppose to get with Dr. RUBIO to get all the information I want today. Arecely wheeled me through 2 blocks of pot holed streets to the supermarket. An adventurous ride with honking horns and screeching tires; sure won’t do that again.

Well, the Dr. did show up about 6:00PM checked me out and ordered 2 more radiation treatments and some muscle relaxants.

The kitchen is really lagging, no tea, no carrot juice; the place needs more help. Arecely even offered to help. Dr says he will see me tomorrow with all the time I want. Bill Fry says he will look at BT2000 machines.


Radiation treatment #6 will be done on me, with one more to go. Today was a big day! Dr. RUBIO came by at 2:00PM and finally gave me the information I wanted.

AMI does use the following:


AMI does not use:

Available on request are:

I asked him about radiation. Why doesn’t he use the levels approve by insurance companies in the US? He said they use too much (5000 RADS), while he uses only 100RADS or less. This would not be enough without all the other therapies being used. The radiation is mainly used to reduce tumors fast for pain relief before the vaccines begin.

Bill Fry was on the stairs; said he couldn’t make it. Would see me tomorrow.


Received the 7th radiation. Supposed to last. Strangely enough I had relief from about half the pain for 2-3 hours, but it returned. Took hour of sun on the deck.

Dr. Patricia Smith came by at 10PM to answer more of my questions. Bill fry didn’t make it for the second time. This was after he promised to come. No call, no sorry; guess its out of sight, out of mind.

Am still in much pain when I move, muscle spasms, continuous hiccups with great pain. The Radiologist says it could be coming from the radiation treatment; it should stop in a few days. Also the pee-poop problem has returned, but nothing as large and messy as in June. Arecely needs to be home by the 18th for a Costa Rican festival. Maybe I need to extend here till then. Got specific vaccine #7 about 11:00PM.


Not much sleep, pains, hiccups, urinating, but much communication at MGG, with no response felt. Nothing is improving. I’m being held together with painkillers, DOXIDANE in the IV and 2 DARVON65 capsules every 6 hours. Waited all day for Bill Fry, no call no apology. Pee-poop all day, got no rest. Thought I maybe was touched by MGG.

FRIDAY SEPT 11, 1998

Up all night with pee-poop problem, pains and these damned hiccups. Totally exhausted and fed up with the whole process and managers (Bill Fry) that don’t keep their appointments. I’ve paid over ________ for this, for what? I really hate to do it, but after giving it all, I’ve gone almost 4 months and see nothing improving or even holding still. The chelations, detox, etc have made my immune system stronger and except for pains, hiccups, spasms, I would be better. But the cancer is holding its own. It looks like if any thing will work, the AMI concept is the most likely to have succeeded. So when I give this up, it will be painkillers until I cross over. I can get that in the USA on MEDICARE.

I was going to extend, but am fed up and want to get home, get on with whatever God has for me. I’ve never quit on a project like this, unless the outcome appeared hopeless.

[The next part was difficult to make out, as Danny’s writing was difficult to read. (Typist)]

The PAIN continuous now, having tremors. Arecely just said I was laughing and doing weird things over a 3-4 hour period. I remember only tiny parts of it. I long to get home and do it. ( Do what? ..die?).

I have never had a blackout for so long. I’m stuttering (?) and trembling; can not function without (painkillers ?). I feel very bad - ill.


I seem to be unable to think, can’t connect. We leave Monday at 9:45AM on Continental #1850 through Houston to Tampa, arrive in Tampa at 6:50PM.

I feel like I’m nuts, having fits of tears and hysterical laughter.

I just learned that I can’t get medical records until Monday at 9:00. Very inconvenient as our flight departs at 9:45. (What would you think?) I want everything for my journal, so others can have more information to make treatment decisions. They said they will mail them to me, am sure the plates will be B&W copies. If they ever send anything at all.


Questions I want to ask Dr. RUBIO before I leave.


As usual all is dead today, few staff around. Pain in lower back and pelvis is increasing rapidly and the painkillers are not keeping up. New problem developing, throat and colon blocked. No food feels like golf ball in my throat, feels like gas in stomach, but can’t belch. It is decision time.

I have decided to get out of AMI, trying to minimize my losses as best I can. Will sheepishly return to my Urologist and admit IT DID NOT WORK! (for me). Probably go to LUPRON, ETC and delay for a few more months the inevitable. I can barely walk now and must use wheel chairs at the airports. Not good at all, I’m ready for the next "re____e" [death?]. Not morbid, just READY!

October 26, 1998

By Robert Hurt

Tonight, Aracelly, Dan's wife, called me at about 11PM to tell me Dan had just died. For several weeks, beginning just after his return from AMI documented above, Dan had suffered with pain behind his left eye from glaucoma and from pain in his right groin. He went the hospital twice, but returned home after a day or two. He did start a course of chemo therapy, but it was too late. Hospice began their fabulous support program, and he was mostly bed-ridden for the last month of his life. During that time he was unable to get to the toilet easily, and so he wore a diaper. His voice became weaker, and he spent a lot of time sleeping because of the medication. He virtually refused to eat and lost strength. On the last day, he became delirious and developed a high fever, over 104F. Within an hour or two after that, he was dead.

During his last interview, Dan told me that he was terribly disappointed with the administration of the programs at AMI. He described Dr. Rubio and the AMI administrator as "Mutt and Jeff". He said that Rubio refused to keep appointments made and refused to explain to him HOW to take all the medication and drugs AMI supplied him with before he left. Rubio was late for his last appointment, and as a result Dan missed the bus to San Diego Airport, so it cost him another $80 to take a taxi from Tijuana to the airport. He writhed in pain all the way home because they refused to give him any pain killer. Dan said the junior staff at AMI are wonderfully supportive and effficient, no thanks to the executives.

My assessment is that Dan spent $30,000+ on the AMI program, but died anyway because he started it too late, he was not diligent enough with alternatives earlier on, and he did not have the will to apply himself 18 hours a day to his cure when he had the time and energy to do it. As he himself said, some people need to be disciplined by a program, and if they have the money to pay for it, then they should go to an institution of some kind to have everything scheduled and basically be forced to do the program on that schedule. I do not know that AMI's executive staff's incompetence caused Dan to die. He was mad as hell at them for disrespecting him and being sloppy in their attention to his perceived needs. I think they knew he had only a month or so to live and just let him go without worrying about it at the end of his last trip. After all, what are the complaints of one old man going to do to their expensive treatment program down in Tijuana. Many more will follow desperately in Dan's footsteps. Shame.

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